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©Lior Zilberstein
©Lior Zilberstein
©Atelier Aréthuse
©Atelier Aréthuse

Alexandre Aréthuse

  • Furniture maker
  • Hvidovre, Denmark
  • Master Artisan
Alexandre Aréthuse Furniture maker
Danish, English, French
By appointment only
+45 20369988
©Atelier Aréthuse

A quest for perfection

  • • Alexandre is a Frenchman living in Copenhagen
  • • He believes in combining tradition and modernity
  • • He is always eager to learn new techniques

Alexandre Aréthuse, who was initially working with international import and export of various objects, one day realised he wanted to dig deeper into the production of the pieces. After creating a complete range of high-end garden furniture, his attraction to wooden furniture and the world of craftmanship led him to become a trained woodworker. Today, his knowledge of product creation and development from start to finish makes Alexandre an allround craftsman, developing creations of superior quality. He describes his work as “a quest for visible and sensory perfection." Alexandre is always eager to discover new techniques and master traditional ones, his hunger for perfection leads him to push further the boundaries of excellence.

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  • ©Atelier Aréthuse
  • ©Atelier Aréthuse
  • ©Atelier Aréthuse
  • ©Atelier Aréthuse
  • ©Atelier Aréthuse
Photo: ©Atelier Aréthuse
Heikō bench gradient blue

This bench was hand stained following a revisited ancient technique with gloss finishes and is from a newly developed series called “Heikō” which means “parallel” in Japanese. It is based on clean, modern and elegant lines, and constructed with respect of traditional craftmanship. Through this range Alexandre wants to offer timeless, simple and durable pieces whose experimental techniques and immaculate finishes bring out the quintessence of a design that lasts.

Length 120 cm
Width 35 cm
Height 45 cm

Photo: ©Atelier Aréthuse
Rare serie bench n. 1

This timeless bench is created to highlight traditional handmade woodworking techniques, finished with a modern colour-stain based on an ancient French method. Its base structure consists of five elements joined together with handcut 3-way mitres. The natural French webbing provides comfort for sitting and contrasting lightness.

Length 140 cm
Width 44 cm
Height 45 cm

Photo: ©Atelier Aréthuse
Onyx chair

This modern and elegant shaped dining chair gives the impression that the seat is floating over the simple but strong base frame. The upholstered embossed leather seat is inlayed and can be replaced to ensure durability. The colour-stained technique is based on an ancient French method and the bespoke black is called “intense black”.

Length 50 cm
Width 59 cm
Height 81 cm

Photo: ©Atelier Aréthuse
Bespoke jewellery box

This bespoke jewellery box contains a hidden sliding opening protected by a locking system. It contains two stackable trays using curvy shapes made from laminated veneer. The hands made from handcut intarsia on the top of the box represent the desire for jewellery.

Length 30 cm
Width 30 cm
Height 30 cm

Photo: ©Atelier Aréthuse
Rare serie coffee table n.1

This timeless coffee table has a base structure consisting of 5 shaped elements joined together with hand cut 3-way mitres. It includes an inlay based on an experimental technique of hand coated metallisation on crocodile leather. Every unique creation is signed by an NFC chip hidden under the logo that guarantees its authenticity and gives its owner a private web access to its full and detailed history.

Length 80 cm
Width 80 cm
Height 36 cm

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