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©John Hersey
©John Hersey
©Alex O’Connor
©Paul Mounsey

Alex O’Connor

  • Silversmith
  • St Just, United Kingdom
  • Master Artisan
Alex O’Connor Silversmith
By appointment only
+44 7772662392
©John Hersey

A Cornish treasure

  • • Alex is inspired by the beauty of the countryside around her
  • • She won the Contemporary British Silversmith Award in 2017
  • • Vessels are a consistent presence in her work

Alex O’Connor's creative process always begins with walking. Based in the west of Cornwall, she moves through the landscape, observing and gathering details, and this elemental location has a profound influence on her work. "The world is a beautiful place, filled with wonders, but it is also cacophonous, baffling, chaotic and overwhelming for me. I convert these sensations into silverware and wearable sculptures that are suffused with harmony, composure, poise and serenity." From a background in Fine Art, she was taught by master silversmith Andy Putland at the Goldsmith Company summer school. She went into silversmithing with masters like Rebecca DeQuin, Rauni Higson and Abigail Brown. Vessels are the focal point of her work “They are archetypal objects. Very powerful objects. Functional but also with a contemplative purpose.”

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  • ©Paul Mounsey
  • ©Paul Mounsey
  • ©All rights reserved
  • ©Paul Mounsey
  • ©Paul Mounsey
Photo: ©Paul Mounsey
Elliptic vessels

Sculptural drinking vessels with a gently scoured satin finish. These pieces are inspired by the unique geology of west Cornwall with its smoothly tumbled and piled boulders.

Height 9.5 cm
Width 6 cm

Photo: ©Paul Mounsey
Elliptic box #1

Round silver box lined in dark blue leather with a push fitting lid. The box features a highly polished finish.

Length 4 cm
Width 4 cm
Height 6 cm

Photo: ©All rights reserved
Midwinter cup

Highly polished and reflective hammered silver cup with intricate hand sawn saucer. Inspired by the stark and minimal beauty of the winter landscape.

Height 10 cm
Width 6.5 cm
Height 6 cm
Width 20 cm

Photo: ©Paul Mounsey
Song group of three vessels

Group of three silver vessel forms featuring a silky finish and sinuous folded line. They are scored, folded and formed. The vessels are inspired by the Song of the Sea cave in west Cornwall.

Height 24 cm
Width 80 cm
Height 23 cm
Width 7 cm
Height 14 cm
Width 5 cm

Photo: ©Paul Mounsey
Veer group of five vessels

A group of five perfectly balanced tilting vessels with a directional, brushed finish. These pieces mirror the ancient, windblown landscape of Cornwall.

Height 27 cm
Height 13 cm

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