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©Marie Laure Crespin
©Marie Laure Crespin
©Marie Laure Crespin
©Marie Laure Crespin

Alain Bestin

Alain Bestin Engraver
French, English
Tuesday to Saturday 09:30 - 13:00/15:00 - 19:00
By appointment only
+33 235985319
©Marie Laure Crespin

Leaving a mark

  • • Alain engraves on precious metal, mother-of-pearl and ivory
  • • His engravings can reach a very miniature size
  • • He developed his skills working in Parisian workshops

Alain Bestin is an engraver based in Rouen; he masters the ancient technique of hand engraving with burin. Through all types of calligraphy and drawings, he records exquisitely life events on precious metal objects, giving them an intimate value. During his childhood, Alain showed a great gift for the discipline of drawing. He soon moved to Paris, where he gained his artistic experience in successive apprenticeships. He acquired the techniques he uses today when working in the atelier of a master engraver and goldsmith. Alain opened his atelier in 1985, where he continues to write stories for his clients: “By means of a drawing or words we manage to materialize their thoughts through engraving".

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  • ©Marie Laure Crespin
  • ©Marie Laure Crespin
  • ©Marie Laure Crespin
  • ©Marie Laure Crespin
Photo: ©Marie Laure Crespin
Newborn cups

These two personalised silver cups were engraved by hands with the names of the newborns.

Height 7.5 cm
Diameter 6 cm

Photo: ©Marie Laure Crespin
Pearly mountain

This mother-of-pearl shell box set with silver dates from the 19th century. A mountain landscape is engraved by Alain on the upper cover.

Height 7 cm
Width 5 cm

Photo: ©Marie Laure Crespin
Peony tray

Silver presentation tray decorated with a stylised Art Deco flower engraved with a chisel.

Height 15 cm
Width 11 cm

Photo: ©Marie Laure Crespin
Woman with lyre

Silver metal plate for inlaying on an “art-deco” piece of furniture, hand-engraved with a chisel. The scene represents a woman playing the lyre in a meadow.

Height 14 cm
Width 12 cm

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