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©Adrien Moretti
©Claudine Garcia
©Claudine Garcia
©Ruedi Flück
©Vincent Jendly

Adrien Moretti

  • Atelier MIDI XIII
  • Set designer
  • Vevey, Switzerland
  • Master Artisan
Adrien Moretti Set designer
By appointment only
+41 219223100
©Ruedi Flück

Making imaginary worlds

  • • Adrien creates beautiful and clever theatre sets
  • • He is both a scenographer and a constructor
  • • Collaboration is central to his work

Uncertain as to how his interest was first sparked, Adrien Moretti has nonetheless wanted to be a theatre set designer ever since his childhood. This love and fascination for a multifaceted art brought him to study applied arts and complete an internship in the Grand Théâtre de Genève before setting up his own business at the tender age of 22. Adrien has worked creating worlds for theatre and museums ever since, a work of collaboration both for the artistic and construction aspects that necessitates visual and technical ingenuity, he says. The narrative language of theatre leads to researching the ideal materials, tools and ways to give life to an imagined world that will then live on through the artists and their audience. And then, on to the next project for Adrien and his collaborators.

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  • ©Marc Vanappelghem
  • ©All rights reserved
  • ©Céline Michel
  • ©Noé Cotter
  • ©Alan Humerose
Photo: ©Marc Vanappelghem
Set design for La Pantoufle

The set design for the play, "La Pantoufle", written by Claude Ponti, tells the story of babies learning in their mother's womb. For the production put on by Th. Am Stram Gram, Geneva, Adrien Moretti designed a large slipper symbolising the maternal womb. The object gives the impression of a soft cocoon and is designed like a toolbox. The actor is comfortably seated in it, and cohabits with sources of sound and light, as well as with many props, traps and chests. The “slipper” is a vehicle equipped with lights, which can turn on itself and rock like a ship.

Length 300 cm
Width 130 cm
Height 155 cm

Photo: ©All rights reserved
Set design for La Revue

"La Revue" consists of a succession of fast-moving scenes, allowing the transition from one universe to another. The set designed by Adrien Moretti, for the performance at Casino Théâtre, Geneva, holds the possibility of multiple changes thanks to the play of its three elements: an arch that spans another arch that spans a door. The whole structure pivots on a single axis that is anchored to the floor and held in the hangers. Doors are inscribed in the thickness of the elements, allowing actors and props to be loaded from afar. One side of the set is shaped like a classical building while the other side is smooth and dark.

Length 700 cm
Width 70 cm
Height 490 cm

Photo: ©Céline Michel
Set design for Les Féras

"Les Féras", emblematic fish from Lake Léman, are one of the main attractions of the Fête des Vignerons, a great popular show held every 20 years and involving 6,000 extras in Vevey. Amongst the many elements of the décor and accessories, 30 puppet-féras are manipulated by two or three people depending on the length, as well as two pikes each manipulated by nine people. Some twenty craftspeople worked on the production of these pieces and, despite their size they are light, manageable, flexible but robust and very expressive. The scenography was by H. Gargiulo, for the FEVI 19 production in Vevey.

Length 460 cm
Length 36 cm
Length 88 cm

Photo: ©Noé Cotter
Exhibition design for Des Choses

"Des Choses" is the title of a temporary exhibition at the Museum of Archaeology in Neuchâtel. The ensemble represents a large labyrinth segmenting the space into 12 rooms, each with a different atmosphere, bringing together various themes. Each of the atmospheric rooms has its own character, its own palette of colours and materials. The panels are painted on both sides in continuity, where marks of wear and tear are inscribed. The panels are fixed to large steel profiles and pegged in the vernacular manner with dowels. The rubber granule floor gives the visitor a soft feeling and creates a labyrinth. All the objects are displayed in a simple manner in glass cases.

Photo: ©Alan Humerose
Set design for Orlando Paladino

"Orlando Paladino" by Haydn is an opera in three acts and multiple scenes. Adrien Moretti’s creation for Opéra de Fribourg represents a set of giant studs. Two towers, whose inner structures are made of steel and covered with painted wooden panels, each move on a rail. Hatches, doors and shutters are hidden in the set and side walls can be opened to reveal Alcina's cave. Angelica's room is reversible to show both its exterior and interior.

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