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©Adrian McCurdy
©Adrian McCurdy
©Adrian McCurdy
©Adrian McCurdy
©Shannon Tofts

Adrian McCurdy

  • Furniture maker
  • Jedburgh, United Kingdom
  • Master Artisan
Adrian McCurdy Furniture maker
By appointment only
+44 (0)1835850304
©Adrian McCurdy

Cleaving wood into furniture

  • • Adrian creates one-off pieces of furniture and artwork
  • • He explores basic craft processes with a fresh approach
  • • His pieces are designed in the making

Adrian McCurdy is an artist with a deep knowledge of woodworking. His father was a master carpenter, with an outstanding technique. His brother runs a timber frame building company that built, among other things, the glorious Globe Theatre in London. Adrian learnt a lot from them, as well as from other encounters during his life, but his interest in craftsmanship has always been more artistic. Educated as a sculptor, he turned to woodworking after being a painter for 15 years, when a casual event with his father showed him a new direction, exploring what he calls a "fundamental craft technique." Most of his one-off pieces are first cleft from large logs of timber using a wedge-and-mallet, and when seasoned are then designed and made with exceptional creative freedom.

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  • ©Adrian McCurdy
  • ©Adrian McCurdy
  • ©Adrian McCurdy
  • ©Adrian McCurdy
  • ©Adrian McCurdy
Photo: ©Adrian McCurdy
Cleft bench

The Cleft bench, handcrafted from British oak, is an ideal display of natural curves and strength formed from split wood. The top is worked with a concave form for comfort and is strong enough to support a group of people. This long bench is one of only a few produced by Adrian McCurdy. Riven wood of this length becomes difficult to split cleanly.

Length 125 cm
Width 32 cm
Height 54 cm

Photo: ©Adrian McCurdy

Shadows of moonlit tree-branches inspired the carving of this cleft oak stool that casts a pattern when illuminated. The back panel is also structural to the seat and ends. The wedge profile of the cleft oak used is strong for simple joints and a beautifully undulating seat top. It's a generous seat for one, or an intimate seat for two.

Length 102 cm
Width 40 cm
Height 51 cm

Photo: ©Adrian McCurdy
Low Table / Stool

Each finished product, created via a cleaving process, is unique in form and this low table or stool is viewed from all angles as the parts are gradually surfaced and assembled. Matching legs with a top are decided in the making process. Compatibility of parts requires a wide range of options prepared many years in advance.

Length 38 cm
Width 38 cm
Height 40 cm

Photo: ©Adrian McCurdy
Riven benches

This pair of cleft oak benches were commissioned by Marchmont House, a home for makers, designers and visitors. These intimate short benches are just big enough for two. Made for inside or outside use, the benches are burnished with no sealant added. They will gather patina inside or an oxidised silvery appearance outside over time.

Length 85 cm
Width 57 cm
Height 50 cm

Photo: ©Adrian McCurdy
Two cleft chairs

These individual and robust oak chairs are fitted with a removable back-piece. Each chair has a three-wedge joint between seat and back-piece, to be tapped tight. Occasionally a big log split-up will release some shapes just right for the comfort of seats and backs. The success is a mixture of experience and luck, following the lines of inner tree growth with wedge-and-mallet.

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