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©Maciej Długaj
©Maciej Długaj
©Maciej Długaj
©Maciej Długaj
©Maciej Długaj

Adam Sobota

  • Ceramicist
  • Przyszowice, Poland
  • Master Artisan
Adam Sobota Ceramicist
Polish, English
By appointment only
+48 783315763
©Maciej Długaj

Balancing control and chance

  • • Adam opened his first studio in 2007
  • • He is a student of a legend of Polish ceramics, professor Krystyna Cybińska
  • • He values a variety of approaches in his work

Chance has great meaning for Adam Sobota. It is by chance that he applied for the Ceramics and Glass Department at Wroclaw’s Academy of Fine Arts, a last-minute choice instead of studying graphics. The possibility that anything can happen is part of the artisan’s philosophy towards crafting new objects. He combines this element of chance with his mastery of different ceramic techniques. The real power of Adam’s work lies in connecting the two opposites. That’s why his work is so diverse and eclectic from handmade and wheel-turned to imprinted and cast ceramics. He matches an innovative approach with a respect for the past, his works bear an irresistible magnetism.

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  • ©Maciej Długaj
  • ©Maciej Długaj
  • ©Maciej Długaj
  • ©Maciej Długaj
  • ©Maciej Długaj
Photo: ©Maciej Długaj
Stacja Radegast nr 5 (Radegast Station number 5)

This is one of 12 sculptures inspired by Jewish cemeteries, from the Radegast Station series. On the round base of the column there is a lump in the shape of a matzeva. The mould is covered with a dense layer of glaze over which a layer of porcelain is applied.

Length 20 cm
Width 23 cm
Height 62 cm

Photo: ©Maciej Długaj
Pocisk 2 (Projectile 2)

The sculpture is made of brown fireclay, poured with a thick layer of porcelain with the addition of copper shavings. The whole object is subjected to a quick drying process in order to obtain the maximum effect of the cracks.

Height 57 cm
Diameter 31 cm

Photo: ©Maciej Długaj
Czajnik (Teapot)

The teapot is decorated with a delicate convex relief, engobed and glazed. The lid has a built-in thread, so it can be used to lift the kettle. All the porcelain elements are made on a potter's wheel by Adam Sobota.

Length 35 cm
Width 16 cm
Height 28 cm

Photo: ©Maciej Długaj
Talerz 5 - rozwarstwienie (Plate 5 - delamination)

This bas-relief from the Delamination series is handmade from brown fire clay mixed with coffee beans, covered with porcelain and crawling glaze. Steel rods are embedded in the glaze. The whole object is fired multiple times.

Diameter 53 cm

Photo: ©Maciej Długaj
Święty pierwszy (Saint the first)

This sculpture from the Empty Shell series is made from the cast of the artist's body. A mould was used to take a plaster cast of the body, which was then cut into pieces and stuck together again. The object is covered with a shiny white glaze and a thick layer of crawling glaze.

Length 70 cm
Width 44 cm
Height 250 cm

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