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©Ábel Lakatos
©Ábel Lakatos
©Ábel Lakatos
©Barbara Kirinovits

Ábel Lakatos

  • Ceramicist
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Master Artisan
Ábel Lakatos Ceramicist
Hungarian, English
By appointment only
+36 204939196
©HFDA The Fulldog

All about duality

  • • Ábel relies on his dual point of view: the graphic designer and the artist
  • • He is inspired by others and relishes working in a community workshop
  • • He fell in love with wood-fired pottery during a Japanese study trip

Ábel Lakatos graduated from the University of West Hungary with a degree in typography and packaging design. It was during a summer internship that he fell in love with ceramics. “In the internationally renowned Kecskemét Ceramics Studio, we built a 5-metre-high furnace sculpture together with internationally renowned ceramic artist Nina Hole. We set it up on the main square of the city, fired for three days, working on it with our bare hands – it was then that I realised that unlike other design disciplines that I have been working with, ceramics is alive and intense, and is in constant physical contact with elements.” After university, he worked as a graphic artist for some time. Later Ábel had the opportunity to work as Head of Ceramics Department at the Ferenc Medgyessy High School in Debrecen, which allowed him to devote his full attention to ceramics. His pieces are popular commodities at fairs and design shops, but he also cooperates with a Hungarian muesli manufacturer because his pieces – colourful, playful but always highly functional – are ideal accessories in any modern kitchen.

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  • ©Ábel Lakatos
  • ©Ábel Lakatos
  • ©Ábel Lakatos
  • ©Ábel Lakatos
  • ©Ábel Lakatos
Photo: ©Ábel Lakatos
Polli porcelain set

This porcelain tableware set, composed of nine varying forms, is made by hand casting fine-coloured porcelain. During the design process, the goal was to achieve a digitally organic look, inspired by the polygons of video games of the 1990s. The objects are decorated with transparent glaze only on the inside, while the raw porcelain surface fired on the outside provides a comfortable and organic grip.

Photo: ©Ábel Lakatos
Celadon yunomi

This cup, handcrafted from reduction fired fine porcelain, is finished with a fine celadon glaze. The colour and the form of the cup are inspired by imaginary imagery of frozen waves captured by the fire of the kiln.

Height 7 cm
Diameter 6.5 cm

Photo: ©Ábel Lakatos

This ceramic bowl is crafted from dug-up clay, high fire clays, various glazes and natural ash glaze. Ábel Lakatos loves the way the glazes dance with the dug-up material, while the fire-marks softly blend it all together.

Height 10 cm
Diameter 16 cm

Photo: ©Ábel Lakatos

This ceramic bowl is handcrafted from high fire clay as well as dug up clay and finished with an Olsen shino glaze. This runny, crawly, spectacular shino glaze was developed by Frederic A. Olsen, one of the most influential kiln builders of our time.

Height 5 cm
Diameter 13 cm

Photo: ©Ábel Lakatos
Water jar

This ceramic water jar is fired in the firebox of the Sasukenei woodfire kiln, designed by Masakazu Kusakabe. The piece has no additional glaze, but the natural ash glaze and other gifts from the kiln itself.

Height 14 cm
Diameter 14 cm

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