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© William Amor
© William Amor
© William Amor
© William Amor

William Amor

  • Les créations messagères
  • Artificial flower maker
  • Paris, France
  • Master Artisan
William Amor Artificial flower maker
By appointment only
+33 664985111
© Matthieu Gauchet

A message in a flower

  • • William considers plastic waste to be a creative raw material
  • • He is an entirely self-taught multidisciplinary artisan
  • • He won the 2019 Grand Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris

William Amor’s workshop in Paris is a cross between a botanist’s lab and a jewellery maker’s workshop, with tools laid out on tables and meticulously executed floral bouquets lining the windowsill. Upon closer inspection, the flowers have another dimension to them: each piece is made of reused plastic waste. William is driven by a strong commitment to creating works with meaning, which are used for fashion, design and artistic installations. He founded Les Créations Messagères to raise awareness about environmental issues by transforming abandoned materials that cause plastic pollution into delicate floral works, each one imbued with his philosophy and carrying a strong message.

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  • © William Amor
  • © William Amor
  • © William Amor
  • © William Amor
  • © William Amor
Photo: © William Amor
Cornus stellata petrochimica “Moon”

To craft the delicate petals of this white dogwood flower, William used plastic bags pleated with a tuck fold, while the stamens were made from the beading of a recuperated fish net. The flowers are mounted on varnished branches. The piece was created in homage close to one of William’s friends and has been exhibited in several galleries such as the Rossana Orlandi Gallery and BHV Marais.

70 cm
60 cm

Photo: © William Amor
Bouquet d’art Jardin de Granville

This large ornamental bouquet is composed of pink and white roses and green leaves all made from recycled plastics and coloured using natural pigments and inks. William loves English roses and created this bouquet as a tribute to the iconic fashion designer Christian Dior. It was part of a floral installation exhibited at the Musée des Arts décoratifs in Paris called Jardin de Granville, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the House of Dior.

65 cm
68 cm

Photo: © William Amor
White Sakura Messager

The petals of this cherry blossom pin were shaped from recycled plastics and coloured using natural pigments and inks. It was presented to the mayor of Kyoto, Mr Kadokawa San, during his 2018 visit to William’s workshop in Paris.

8 cm

Photo: © William Amor
Orchis rosea plasturgia venenosa

William is a passionate collector of orchids, but this variety is a creation of his imagination. It was crafted from recycled plastic bags, PVC and abandoned fishing nets. The beautiful flower is engulfed in a bed of brambles, an allegory for poisonous beauty. It was exhibited in the biennale Révélations held in the Grand Palais in Paris in 2017.

20 cm
30 cm

Photo: © William Amor
Sparaxis plastic bottle Rossana orlandi

These Sparaxis flowers were fashioned from recycled PET bottles, beading and fishing nets. Inspired by flowers indigenous to South Africa, they are currently exhibited at the Rossana Orlandi Gallery in Milan.

40 cm

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