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© Alex Gallosi
© Alex Gallosi
© Alex Gallosi
© Alex Gallosi

Ilann Vogt

  • Paper sculptor
  • Cancale, France
  • Rising Star
Ilann Vogt Paper sculptor
French, English
By appointment only
+33 629659235
© Alex Gallosi

When texts become textiles

  • • Ilann explores the affinity between ‘textile’ and ‘text’
  • • His work fuses paper and textile arts, contemporary art and literature
  • • He uses the pages of books that inspire him to create woven paper creations

The work of Ilann Vogt is an intricate weaving of literature, craftsmanship and art. He was raised in a family with deep cultural awareness and appreciation of poetry, literature and the arts. In the context of his initial training in applied arts, he began to study different weaving techniques. “Soon after, I realised that a text could also be an object, a text could be a thread,” he says. Greatly influenced by the classical story of Penelope in The Odyssey, who weaves by day and unpicks her work by night, Ilann deconstructs the pages of the books and poems that inspire him and weaves these textual 'threads' together, creating innovative 'readings' of known works.

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  • © Ilann Vogt
  • © Ilann Vogt
  • © Ilann Vogt
  • © Ilann Vogt
Photo: © Ilann Vogt
Songs of Maldoror

This piece was fully handwoven using fragments of text cut from Les Chants de Maldoror (The Songs of Maldoror) by Isidore Ducasse. Ilann was inspired by the following passage: “Dangerous hallucinations may come during the day; but they come especially at night. Therefore, do not be surprised at the fantastic visions that your eyes seem to perceive.”

Length 70 cm
Height 50 cm

Photo: © Ilann Vogt
Time and Ebb

This paper wall piece was fully handwoven by Ilann using fragments of text cut from Time and Ebb. Writer of illusions, Vladimir Nabokov constantly played in his writing with temporal paradoxes. The sculpture is thus conceived as a dialogue, a back and forth journey through the narrative, exploring temporality, impression and misperception.

Length 35 cm
Height 35 cm

Photo: © Ilann Vogt
A Room of One's Own

This paper wall piece was fully handwoven by Ilann using fragments of text cut from A Room of One’s Own. Virginia Woolf's book recalls how, until quite recent times, women were placed under the spiritual and economic dependence of men and reduced to silence. Those who were good at asserting their genius lacked time and a room of their own. Ilann highlights this in his piece, which is particularly inspired by one of the main questions raised by Woolf: “Why was one sex so prosperous and the other so poor?”

Length 50 cm
Height 50 cm

Photo: © Ilann Vogt
The World Has Spoken

The World Has Spoken is a work in perpetual evolution composed of cut fragments of text from different books, forming a tapestry of language. The aim of this work is for the texts to bind together and form a cohesive set reflecting their diverse origins. The heterogeneous becomes homogeneous through art, and a single piece of weaving embraces multiple languages.


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