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© Vicente Gracia
© Vicente Gracia
© Vicente Gracia
© Vicente Gracia
© Vicente Gracia

Vicente Gracia

  • Jewellery maker
  • Valencia, Spain
  • Master Artisan
Vicente Gracia Jewellery maker
Spanish, English, French
Monday to Friday 10:00 - 14:00 / 17:00 - 20:00 and Saturday 11:00 - 14:00
+34 963510618
© Vicente Gracia

The poet of jewellery making

  • • Vicente tells stories through his jewellery
  • • His creations are an explosion of colour
  • • He is heavily influenced by the culture of Valencia

Born in Valencia, Vicente Gracia is the son of a jeweller who restored the heirlooms of the city’s aristocracy. He studied design at the prestigious Massana School in Barcelona, where his professors included Joan Mirò and Antoni Tapies. He then returned to his hometown to carry on the family tradition. His vision for his jewellery is deeply Mediterranean, yet also draws on the melting pot of cultures and traditions in his home region, including the Sufi poetry that is part of Islamic-Hispanic culture. His jewellery tells stories and hides secrets, using brightly coloured stones including fire opals, which remind him of the bonfires and fireworks of Valencia’s traditional festival, las Fallas, and turquoise, the colour of the Mediterranean.

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  • © Vicente Gracia
  • © Vicente Gracia
  • © Vicente Gracia
  • © Vicente Gracia
  • © Vicente Gracia
Photo: © Vicente Gracia
Treasure of the Sea Ring

Two articulated fish surround an oval-cut sapphire, diamonds and a strip of baguette-cut diamond set into an 18k gold ring. Little silver bubbles and tiny, colourful, enamel sardines swarm around, simulating the sea floor.

Height 6 cm
Width 3 cm

Photo: © Vicente Gracia
Tree of life

This enamelled silver sculpture depicts the evolution of the family and changes in life. Birds represent the beautiful moments that life offers. The signs at the bottom of the tree bear the names of couples, representing the mainstay of the continuation of our existence.

Height 24 cm
Width 11 cm

Photo: © Vicente Gracia
Colgante estanque con aguamarina

This yellow-gold necklace with a spherical tiger-eye aquamarine stone at its centre is part of Vicente’s Object Poem series. The tiger-eye aquamarine gem is set on a bed of gold leaves, next to which hovers an intricate hummingbird. Vicente drew his inspiration for the necklace from a Japanese print by Katsushika Hokusai and from these lines in a poem by Saadi of Shiraz: “In the depths of the sea there are fabulous treasures ... he who seeks security stays on the coast.”

Height 3.5 cm
Width 7 cm

Photo: © Vicente Gracia
Joya de Valenciana

This piece reflects the close relationship between the Spanish city of Valencia and the Silk Road. The garden, carved from precious stones, is adorned with fruit and leaves, the Ancient Roman symbol for the city of Valencia. The gold-plated silver bow evokes the style of 18th-century Valencia. A tiny enamelled bird hanging from the bottom of the piece symbolises the joy of living.

Length 14 cm
Width 7 cm

Photo: © Vicente Gracia
Pechera Secreto de la Alhambra

This iconic piece, a breastplate made from oxidised silver chainmail, recalls the Islamic cosmography depicted on the ceiling of the throne room in the Comares Palace of the Alhambra, in Granada. The breastplate and brooch represent the universe – its vastness and diversity, as well as its unity of design. The piece comprises seven layers, representing the seven levels of heaven. The red tinted quartz at the centre symbolises the energy of love, around which everything revolves.

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