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Thomas Medicus

Thomas Medicus Stained glass maker
German, English
By appointment only
+43 6503384586
© Alexander Kopp

The glass philosopher

  • • Thomas paints fragmented pictures on glass cubes
  • • He assembles these cubes into geometric artworks
  • • He is a traditional glazier and restorer

Thomas Medicus trained as a master glazier in Austria’s most famous school for glassmaking, Glasfachschule Kramsach. He then decided to take two parallel paths in his professional life: being a traditional glazier specialised in restoring historic lead glazing, as well as being an independent artist. He now creates unique glass sculptures consisting of various glass fragments. These sculptures seem to convey a different shape depending on what angle they are viewed from. The structures seem to vanish and then merge together again, and the object appears amorphous, without a determined surface.

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  • © Thomas Medicus
  • © Thomas Medicus
  • © Thomas Medicus
  • © Thomas Medicus
Photo: © Thomas Medicus
Window chair

A stained-glass window has been removed from its traditional architectural context and reinterpreted as furniture. The addition of four feet and a backrest transforms the window into a translucent chair, providing a contemporary perspective on an old-fashioned craft.

Length 45 cm
Width 40 cm
Height 95 cm

Photo: © Thomas Medicus

This traditionally hand-painted piece of glass depicts a curled-up eel. Thomas has detailed the grisaille eel, evocative of river depths, with realistic scales. The piece is part of a series of smaller stained-glass works created by Thomas.

Length 22 cm
Width 20 cm

Photo: © Thomas Medicus
Fish and bird emulsion

The “Emulsifier” is a hand-painted anamorphic sculpture comprising 160 glass strips. When the sculpture is rotated, a different image appears at every 90° angle. The glass strips are set into laser-cut slits in a wooden base. The images were painted on to the glass with the same colours used to colour traditional stained-glass windows.

Length 35 cm
Width 35 cm
Height 35 cm

Photo: © Thomas Medicus
Emergence Lab

The title of this hand-painted anamorphic sculpture refers to the phenomenon of emergence, whereby an entity is observed to have properties that its parts, on their own, do not possess. Each side of the piece has been decorated with an anamorphic painting, only visible from one perspective. Since every painted figure fills the exact same surface as its counterpart on the opposite side, only one figure at a time can be seen.

Length 17 cm
Width 17 cm
Height 17 cm

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