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© Monica Englund
© Monica Englund
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© Tabea Dürr

Tabea Dürr

Tabea Dürr Weaver
Swedish, German, English
By appointment only
© Monica Englund

Giving wings to a long-held passion

  • • Tabea specialises in pattern-based embroidery
  • • She is inspired by migratory birds and the images their names evoke
  • • She teaches weaving at the Nyckelvikskolan art school

Tabea Dürr grew up in a family fascinated by birds, especially of the migratory kind. They became the trademark of her textile work. After a childhood in East Germany, she studied sacral textile production for the protestant cathedral in Magdeburg. The courses included tapestry weaving, pattern-connected embroidery, tablet weaving, dying with natural and synthetic dyes, calligraphy and other secrets of sacral textiles and their history. Moving to Sweden, she continued her studies in textile arts. Today, she weaves and embroiders in her studio in Gothenburg. She once developed a keen interest in tanned fish skin, which she introduces through textile techniques.

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An embroidered beige tree stands against a vivid red hand-woven background. This composition is the second half of a diptych and was included in Reflections, an exhibition held in Sweden in August 2017. Tabea draws inspiration for her works from North-East German sacral textiles from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Length 102 cm
Width 56 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Velvet Duck

Tabea embroidered a poem by Goethe and the outline of a duck on two pieces of woven velvet donated by the Fondazione Lisio. Tabea enjoys learning new techniques and tests them using new ranges of yarns and materials in order to accentuate the expression of her textile art.

Length 89 cm
Width 86 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Silver Heron (detail)

Tabea wove and embroidered this work with two blending shades of beige and white. It is the last work in a set of four and was included in an exhibition on the theme of birds and their names.

Length 104 cm
Width 29 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Night Heron

Tabea changes the texture of woven materials by embroidering over the weave in harmonious colours. This is the third in a set of four pieces making up a wall hanging sand was included in an exhibition on the theme of birds and their names.

Length 75 cm
Width 29 cm

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