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© Studio Pieter Stockmans
© Studio Pieter Stockmans
© Studio Pieter Stockmans
© Studio Pieter Stockmans

Pieter Stockmans & Frank Claesen

Pieter Stockmans & Frank Claesen Porcelain maker
Dutch, English, French, German
By appointment only
+32 89382362
© Studio Pieter Stockmans

The magic of slip casting

  • • Studio Pieter Stockmans was founded in 1987
  • • Pieter and Frank continue the tradition of handcrafted hard porcelain
  • • They believe porcelain can mould those who work with it

The porcelain art produced by Studio Pieter Stockmans results from a combination of traditional craft production and a contemporary, experimental approach. The studio has focused on limited, unique collections since the beginning, and its pieces are highly regarded by leading international chefs. Over the years, Pieter has been a Cultural Ambassador of Flanders and won numerous prizes, including the Red Dot Award. His better known pieces include the trophy for the Memorial Vandamme and plates for a royal wedding in Monaco. Pieter now passes on his 55 years of expertise to his daughter Widukind, who has overseen the day-to-day running of the studio since 2007, and his son-in-law Frank Claesen, who has been creating new designs for the studio since 1999.

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  • © Studio Pieter Stockmans
  • © Studio Pieter Stockmans
  • © Studio Pieter Stockmans
  • © Studio Pieter Stockmans
  • © Studio Pieter Stockmans
Photo: © Studio Pieter Stockmans
Dish without base

These porcelain bowls were designed by Pieter and individually hand shaped. The outer surfaces were left unglazed, creating a contrast with the inside of the bowls.

Diameter 33 cm
Height 13 cm

Photo: © Studio Pieter Stockmans

Each vessel from the O’Dish series was individually shaped by hand, giving them a unique character. The collection is part of Frank’s ongoing investigation of form and technique, from designing to firing.

Diameter 30 cm
Diameter 47 cm

Photo: © Studio Pieter Stockmans
Dauw sugar bowl and creamer on plate

The Dauw collection was inspired by summer morning dew, when the atmosphere is still fresh and airy. The vessels in this series were individually designed and hand shaped by Frank.

Diameter 8 cm
Height 5
Width 10
Height 4 cm
Length 15 cm
Width 15 cm
Height 1 cm

Photo: © Studio Pieter Stockmans
Carboon plates

The Carboon collection was named after the place where Studio Pieter Stockmans is located, a former mining site. The plates were left unglazed and are available in ‘Stockmansblue’, white and grey. Each vessel was individually hand shaped by Pieter.

Diameter 9.5 cm
Height 1
Diameter 14
Height 1 cm

Photo: © Studio Pieter Stockmans
Niessing 7 blue dishes

This set was designed by Pieter especially for the Niessing company. His main ambition was to create extremely thin porcelain. These dishes come in blue, gold and platinum and each was individually shaped by hand.

Diameter 6 cm
Diameter 8
Diameter 10
Diameter 12 cm
Diameter 14 cm
Diameter 16 cm
Diameter 18 cm

Enjoy an experience with Pieter Stockmans & Frank Claesen

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