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Jonathan Soulié

  • Coppersmith
  • Fayssac, France
  • Master Artisan
Jonathan Soulié Coppersmith
By appointment only
+33 625177014
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Saving a noble tradition through art

  • • Coppersmithing, which dates to the Bronze Age, is now very rare
  • • It's a traditional craft from the region where Jonathan lives and works
  • • His work highlights this tradition, increasing its visibility

Jonathan Soulié discovered the craft of coppersmithing only recently, learning at the same time that it was a dying profession. Coming from a region traditionally famous for its copper, he was immediately inspired to take up the hammer himself. France’s tradition of dinanderie (a word that gets its name from the Belgian village that made the craft famous) is quite unique: an object, whether practical or decorative, is fashioned using a hammer from a single sheet of copper, brass, pewter, aluminum, or steel. Although today there are machines and hybrid techniques, Jonathan’s goal “is to conserve the most traditional technique he can, using no welding or as little as possible”.

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This delicate lamp was made from brass sheet, hammered by hand according to a local, traditional technique of embossing. Playing with finishes and curves, Jonathan drew inspiration from the Milky Way.

Height 45 cm
Length 40 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved

This egg-shaped sculpture was made from one single seamless copper sheet, hammered by hand. The exterior was patinated with gold leaf, while the interior was lacquered black. As a universal symbol of femininity, the egg embodies cosmic infinity. It was created as a tribute to the supreme god of Inca mythology Huiracocha.

Height 45 cm
Length 40 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved

Directly linked to the Huiracocha sculpture, XY is its yang. Its shape represents masculinity, while a feeling of protection is conveyed by its curves.

Height 28 cm
Diameter 20 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved

Curiosity is half sculpture, half pedestal. In making it, Jonathan did not seek perfection, but rather balance: the balance between a brass object imagined by man and the subtle and organic elegance of nature.

Photo: © All rights reserved

An ode to femininity and the future, Fragrance is inspired by the quote "The future of man is woman" by Louis Aragon. Fragile and unbalanced in appearance, the exterior of this copper sculpture highlights the nuances of the female soul, contrasting with an enigmatic interior.

Diameter 18 cm
Height 29 cm

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