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Sarah Pschorn

  • Ceramicist
  • Leipzig, Germany
  • Rising Star
Sarah Pschorn Ceramicist
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Combining past and present

  • • Sarah's ceramic works are like 3D collages of different styles
  • • She is inspired by the aesthetics of the Baroque period
  • • She works on several pieces at the same time

Born and raised in Dresden, the discourse between past and present has been a key influence on the development of Sarah Pschorn’s artistic expression. “I grew up near the historical Baroque part of the town and this exposure to the Baroque aesthetic primed me in a way,” she says. The negotiation between what to preserve and what to let go evolved as a core theme in her work. “Dealing appropriately with the precious works and achievements of past centuries is a fundamental challenge for progress,” she feels. Using the vessel as a carrier of ideas and thoughts, almost like the canvas of a painter, Sarah Pschorn creates mesmerising 3D collages that have been recognised nationally and internationally.

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Blue is the most colourful work by Sarah to date. Ceramic paint was applied in several layers and the vessel fired a total of seven times during the process. The layers result in an astonishing depth of colour. Through painting and layering blind (since the ceramic paint only develops its true colour at about 1000˚C) a spontaneous and free effect is generated on this clay vessel.

Height 59 cm
Length 25 cm
Width 25 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Circus No. 3

Circus No. 3 was created as a three-dimensional collage. The base, an industrial mass market product from times past, is combined with porcelain and real gold. This fusion of materials raises questions of value. The free painting on the surface adds to Sarah’s artistic signature.

Height 32 cm
Length 9 cm
Width 9 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved

The idea of Handmade was not to use any tools beside hands to create and touch it. This also meant no brush to paint it with, leaving only the fingers. A clay chain hangs around the neck of the porcelain vessel like jewellery. The chain is adjustable, allowing the sculpture to be modified.

Height 30 cm
Length 30 cm
Width 30 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Sirene II

This piece is biographical. As a child, Sarah always wanted to visit the sea, so she decided to translate this childhood dream into a piece of work. She has integrated a 3D scan of herself into the glossy, shell-like structure. The glaze reflects its surroundings, much like how the ocean appears blue because it reflects the sky.

Height 64 cm
Length 29 cm
Width 26 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Caramel piece

This is a freely shaped vessel made from porcelain and gold. The underlying form was created from a negative mould made using various materials including plaster, glass and polyurethane. Sarah covered this form with a restless, lively surface.

Height 40 cm
Length 28 cm
Width 20 cm

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