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© Adina Tocmelea
© Adina Tocmelea
© Adina Tocmelea
© Adina Tocmelea
© Adina Tocmelea

Andreia Gabriela Popescu

Andreia Gabriela Popescu Jewellery maker
Romanian, English, French, Italian, Spanish
By appointment only
+40 722234488
© Alex Boghian

Telling stories through jewellery

  • • Andreia uses traditional jewellery construction techniques
  • • Working with gold and enamel is one of her specialisations
  • • A passionate teacher, she enjoys sharing her knowledge

Trained as an economist, Andreia Popescu graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest in 1997. However, after receiving her diploma in finance, she returned to her love of art and creation and started her own fashion business. In 2011 she graduated from the Assamblage School of Contemporary Jewellery, where she now teaches classes together with her mentor David Sandu. Andreia creates captivating collections of conceptual jewellery, each piece telling the story of its creation. Her jewellery stands out for its daring shapes and volumes, unconventional combinations of metals and special surface finishes.

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  • © Adina Tocmelea
  • © Alex Boghian
  • © Alex Boghian
  • © Adina Tocmelea
  • © Adina Tocmelea
Photo: © Adina Tocmelea
Golden Geisha brooch

With this brooch, Andreia wanted to highlight the Japanese prints of Utamaro, famous for his portraits of geisha, woman known in Japanese history and culture as people of the arts. Andreia sees this brooch as “art-bearing jewellery. It's art in motion, moving art”.

Length 11 cm
Width 10 cm

Photo: © Alex Boghian
Ikada gold necklace

This necklace is a unique piece of jewellery: modular, ergonomic and flexible, allowing the wearer to see the special finish on both sides of the piece. The concept is based on the Zen principle of ikada: if you were to go through a river, improvise a raft to cross over and then let the raft run further away. Each element of the necklace represents a boat on the waters of our life.

Photo: © Alex Boghian
Ikada gold & diamond ring

This unique ring was made from red gold with a white diamond. It symbolises the uniqueness of each individual experience, the passage, the way in life. The diamond, placed on the top of the ring, represents the beauty of the human soul. The concept of the collection is based on the Zen principle of ikada.

Photo: © Adina Tocmelea
Quintessenza ring

The inspiration for this gold ring came from the idea that seeds are the quintessence of our life. A seed is a mystery, it is the beginning and the end, nothing and everything. A seed is used to illustrate the spiritual journey and the moving from one season to another. It symbolises our waking, growing and dying in the cycle of life. A seed is also associated with the creation of new life within a family.

Photo: © Adina Tocmelea
reBIRTH brooch

The inspiration for this brooch came from the biblical Parable of the Four Soils. Andreia wanted to present all four hypostases of the seed that fell on different types of soil: hard ground, stony ground, thorny ground and good ground. She used natural Jacaranda tree seeds and different types of soil. But only the good ground receives the seed and allows it to germinate and grow. So in that soil she 'planted' a golden seed that takes root and then gives birth to other precious golden plants.

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