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© Tomáš Brabec
© Tomáš Brabec
© Tomáš Brabec
© Tomáš Brabec
© Tomáš Brabec

Eva Pelechová

  • Ceramicist
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Master Artisan
Eva Pelechová Ceramicist
Czech, English, German
By appointment only
+420 725656531
© Tomáš Brabec

Communicating through clay

  • • Eva experiments with clay casting, mould making and glazing
  • • She seeks to improve communication through the visual arts
  • • She is part of an international ceramicists’ network

After more than six years studying at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, and residencies in Jerusalem, Tallinn and Munich, Eva Pelechová settled down in Prague. She opened her own workshop four years ago, where she experiments with casting different ceramic materials including shamot, diturvit, terracotta and porcelain, as well as multiple firings at different temperatures and building moulds. The objects she makes are assembled from cut or somehow destroyed elements, where the surface and inner structure are an integrated part of her visual expression. Sometimes she reuses leftovers, such as old vessels or found moulds.

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  • © Tomáš Brabec
  • © Tomáš Brabec
  • © Tomáš Brabec
  • © Gabriel Urbánek
Photo: © Tomáš Brabec
Soullake City

Eva created Soullake City by hiding a segment of a handmade vessel in layers of sediment. In this way she refers to the geological processes of the earth’s landforms and aims to question the human construct of time. Multiple firings at different temperatures were carried out in order to achieve the contrasting textures of the sculpture in glass and clay.

Height 70 cm
Length 50 cm
Depth 50 cm

Photo: © Tomáš Brabec
VG 12565 II

VG 12565 II is part of a wider series created by recycling old plaster moulds from a factory. In order to bring stability to their construction, Eva assembled these previously shaped segments using cabinet clamps and filled the hollow interior spaces by slip casting. The dialogue between fragments of perfectly crafted surfaces and broken parts of plaster aims to refer to utopian spaces.

Height 70 cm
Length 50 cm
Depth 50 cm

Photo: © Tomáš Brabec
Quality of Missing

Quality of Missing is made out of leftovers from the manufacture of Italian terracotta. Ignoring the previous function of the vessels, Eva assembled each fragment according to their visual similarities, bringing rhythm to the ensemble.

Height 60 cm
Length 70 cm
Depth 60 cm

Photo: © Gabriel Urbánek
NC 000003

NC 000003 is part of a wider series created by recycling old plaster moulds from a factory. These previously shaped segments were then assembled in a way that surpassed the point of stability. The object therefore collapsed naturally during the firing process, creating the final form. The glossy finish was obtained using the soda firing technique.

Height 75 cm
Length 40 cm
Depth 40 cm

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