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Inni Pärnänen

  • Jewellery maker
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Master Artisan
Inni Pärnänen Jewellery maker
Finnish, English, French
By appointment only
+358 503737101
© Inni Pärnänen

An experimental approach to jewellery

  • • Inni's work is characterised by geometrical and 3D forms
  • • She plays with scale, turning jewellery into wall hangings
  • • She is inspired by contradictions, materials and experimental methods

In Inni Pärnänen’s creative vocabulary, arbitrary definitely has a positive connotation. She derives inspiration both from various materials and from the processes themselves. Intuition and epiphanies play a big part in everything she does, but they are rooted in experiments, a deep knowledge of tradition and the creative use of new technologies. Ultimately, what matters to her is the way the design serves the content. After studies at the Goldsmith College in Lahti (BA 1995) and then at the University of Industrial Arts in Helsinki (MA 1998), she created her own brand. Inni is best known for her silver jewellery, but her range of work also includes lamps and large works of art made from various materials.

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  • © Inni Pärnänen
  • © Inni Pärnänen
  • © Inni Pärnänen
  • © Inni Pärnänen
  • © Inni Pärnänen
Photo: © Inni Pärnänen
Summer relief

Summer is a decorative mural piece. It was handcrafted using Grada Birch plywood, which is an environmentally friendly laminated wood. Each unit of wood is movable and can be interlocked in another way to create a new design.

Height 150 cm
Width 150 cm
Depth 5 cm

Photo: © Inni Pärnänen
Baltic Sea bracelet

Inni finds the wide range of possibilities that jewellery provides very engaging. The Baltic Sea bracelet was created by weaving together heart-shaped pieces of pigmented and waxed plywood. This series of bracelets was made as a tribute to the Baltic Sea.

Height 7 cm
Width 6 cm

Photo: © Inni Pärnänen
The colour of the sea comes from the sky

This mural piece was made by weaving together small rounds of pigmented and waxed plywood. The aim was to create a composition that would look the sky when suspended in one direction and like the sea in the other direction.

Height 60 cm
Width 85 cm

Photo: © Inni Pärnänen
Pallo necklace

The Pallo necklace was created by combining fine craftsmanship with new technologies, such as laser cutting. Inni achieved the expected result by weaving together small rounds of pigmented and waxed plywood.

Length 45 cm

Photo: © Inni Pärnänen
Summer necklace

The intricate appearance of the Summer necklace and its simple structure complement each other to give substance to the piece. Although the composition appears organic, each unit starts from a geometric basis. The necklace was created by weaving together flower-shaped pieces of pigmented and waxed plywood.

Height 25 cm
Width 23 cm
Depth 1.5 cm

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