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Kevin Oyen

Kevin Oyen Metalworker
Dutch, English, French, German
By appointment only
+32 474416100
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A welder’s outlook on craftsmanship

  • • Kevin feels an object is well made when it’s not obvious how it was made
  • • He strives to push himself and his materials to their limits
  • • He uses residual material to create organic shapes

Kevin Oyen grew up in a family of craftsmen. Inspired by his father’s enthusiasm and expertise, Kevin decided to follow him into the profession of welding. But he refused to relinquish his natural creativity and searched for ways to combine craft and art. At the age of 25, Kevin moved to Australia and started to work for an international artist who was looking for a welder to develop his artworks. “In hindsight, I think that’s where I set myself the goal to start my own creative business,” he says. “Not much later AYCKO was born. I never gave up on my craft, but decided to develop my techniques in a more artistic way. By testing materials' limits, I’m still experiencing new things every day and, frankly, becoming a better welder by doing it."

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(Re)cycled Bridge

The (Re)cycled Bridge was created in collaboration with the designer Peter Donders. Made from recycled aluminium, this bench was produced using the cradle-to-cradle process, a design approach based on the regenerative cycles of nature. The aluminium plates were sourced from ladders and scaffolding and manually assembled, resulting in a surprisingly smooth finish and texture.

Length 300 cm
Height 45 cm
Depth 60 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Secret Meetings with a Unicorn

This large unicorn, made from stainless steel, is part of Kevin's sculptural series of mirror polished skulls. The sculpture is both an aesthetic exercise and an investigation into the possibilities of stainless steel. The unicorn horn was sculpted from wenge wood.

Width 60 cm
Height 80 cm
Depth 25 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Mirror Image

This sculpture, crafted from mirror polished steel, is an example of Kevin’s ongoing investigation into the possibilities of stainless steel applied to the organic shape of a skull. By using small particles of matter, he was able to bend and twist the metal into a complex form, without using a casting method. The horns were sculpted from wenge wood.

Width 80 cm
Height 100 cm
Depth 20 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
The Magic Bean

The Magic Bean was made by welding together thousands of stainless steel waste particles, piece by piece. This process resulted in the creation of a new foldable metal 'cloth', which Kevin draped over a steel structure and extensively mirror polished. It can be used as a sophisticated seat during the day and, due to its translucence, can turn into a lamp at night.

Width 140 cm
Height 70 cm
Depth 90 cm

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