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Daria Repnikova © Michelangelo Foundation
Daria Repnikova © Michelangelo Foundation
Daria Repnikova © Michelangelo Foundation
© All rights reserved
Daria Repnikova © Michelangelo Foundation

Oksana Neverkevich

  • Stained glass maker
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Master Artisan
Oksana Neverkevich Stained glass maker
Daria Repnikova © Michelangelo Foundation

Reviving a lost tradition

  • • Oksana started making stained glass by chance
  • • She has a second career as a photographer
  • • She creates stained glass renditions of Russian icons

Oksana Neverkevich picked up the craft of making stained glass in quite unlikely circumstances. She was living in the US and studying photography at Royal Oak College near Detroit, when she saw stained glass was an option on her arts course. A craft Oksana has always been fascinated by, stained glass quickly absorbed her completely, to the extent that it eventually became her career. Upon returning to Russia in 2010, Oksana opened her own studio. Using ancient lead soldering techniques, she now creates state-of-the-art interior objects and experiments with new techniques, including cyanotype photographic printing on glass. Also a talented photographer, she cherishes projects that bring together her two creative passions.

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Two owls transom

This large window transom is placed above the main entrance of a 1914 apartment. Inspired by the Art Nouveau movement, Oksana used coloured sheet glass to represent oak branches, symbolising wisdom, and owls as protective figures.

Length 120 cm
Width 45 cm

Flower ornament transom

Oksana conceived this window transom for the upper part of the main entrance of a 1902 apartment. For the stylised flowers, she drew her inspiration both from the Art Nouveau movement and Japanese woodcarving design. In bright sunlight, colours are reflected inside the lobby, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

Length 80 cm
Width 35 cm

Pure geometry sidelights

This is one of two windows installed on both sides of the entrance of a new mansion in the Finland bay area. Oksana used mouth-blown and coloured sheet glass and conceived modernistic geometric designs to complement the Scandinavian style of the building. Reminiscent of sacred architecture, these patterns add to the enchanting atmosphere of the location.

Height 120 cm
Width 45 cm

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