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© Giovanni Mengoni
© Giovanni Mengoni

Giovanni Mengoni

Giovanni Mengoni Ceramicist
Italian, English
By appointment only
+39 3357537463
© Giovanni Mengoni

Reviving an Etruscan tradition

  • • Giovanni lives and works in Umbria
  • • He masters the art of bucchero ceramics
  • • His creations combine tradition and innovation

The black, soft, light and fine ceramic was used by the Etruscans to make vases from the second quarter of the 7th century B.C. to the first half of the 5th B.C. The art of bucchero pottery is therefore very antique. In ancient times, Umbria was part of Etruria, absorbing much of its art experience. Surrounded by such heritage, Giovanni draws inspiration from the past by reviving ancient techniques with a contemporary vision. Reinterpreting with a modern eye, Giovanni uses bucchero to shape modern objects with an antique taste. The result is unique pieces of furniture and design, that merge tradition with innovation, from table lamps to tableware, his creations are diverse, some minimalist and inspired by nature, some traditional.

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  • © Giovanni Mengoni
  • © Giovanni Mengoni
  • © Giovanni Mengoni
  • © Giovanni Mengoni
  • © Giovanni Mengoni
Photo: © Giovanni Mengoni

The Cannon table lamp was crafted using a potter’s wheel; with a bucchero finish, a traditional Etruscan technique. This stylish fusion, between an amphora vase and a cannon, has the function of spreading directional light.

Width 25 cm
Height 34 cm

Photo: © Giovanni Mengoni
Light Shot

Light Shot is a ceramic table lamp. The luminous vase, made on a pottery wheel and shaped by hand is realised in bucchero, an Etruscan manufacturing technique, with final firing immersed in charcoal. A furnishing accessory that highlights the versatile nature of the material.

Width 12 cm
Height 34

Photo: © Giovanni Mengoni

Pouf are luminous elements in glazed terracotta, inspired by the forms and colours of deep-sea corals. Minimalist, the technique used gives a soft, light appearance to the material. The lamp is made up of very minute cylinders of red clay clustered together with white engobe. The material is then sealed with a shiny, transparent coating. The colour play in the finish recalls the effects of archaic Italian Majolica dating back to the 13th century.

Width 28 cm
Depth 15 cm
Height 37
Height 32 cm
Width 43 cm
Height 13 cm
Width 45 cm
Height 52 cm
Width 27 cm

Photo: © Giovanni Mengoni
Mediterranean Lands

These handcrafted pots in ceramics are flame friendly. They were inspired by the kitchen utensils used in Mediterranean cultures, particularly Italy. Their modern design makes them decorative pieces for the home, but they could also be used for simmering food, maintaining flavour and quality.

Width 32 cm
Height 13 cm
Height 25 cm
Width 15 cm
Height 14 cm
Width 24 cm
Height 11 cm
Width 42 cm

Photo: © Giovanni Mengoni
Star Wars II

This vintage table set is an eclectic emblem of 1980s design. Crafted with a plaster cast technique, these pieces are designed both for modern settings and for special banquets or ceremonies.

Width 23 cm
Height 16 cm
Height 14 cm

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