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Karl Mazlo

Karl Mazlo Jewellery maker
French, English
By appointment only
+33 762689159
© Karl Mazlo

Forging intimate connections

  • • Karl's craft is a dialogue between thought, tools and the material
  • • He leaves room for the unexpected, fostering authenticity
  • • He is influenced by Japanese philosophy and techniques

Raised in a family of artists, Karl Mazlo began creating jewellery at the age of five, copying his jeweller father. He feels lucky to have grown up within such a richly creative and artistic world. “My work is a reflection of my mother’s sensitivity, my father’s creativity, and the thoroughness of my training,” he says. Karl is deeply interested in Japan and Japanese artistry. He was artist-in-residence at Kyoto’s Villa Kujoyama in 2016. Much of his work reflects this thoughtful appreciation for the land of the rising sun: “I was able to meet with Kunihiko Moriguchi, a National Living Treasure; that meeting re-centered my creative process, inspiring me on a new artistic path.”

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Photo: © ArtDesignCraft

Part of the Haïkus series, Karl imagined this ring as a meteorite crashed into the ocean. It was handcrafted with an original piece of meteorite, a lapis lazuli symbolising water and an opal for the impact. The smooth and rough textures complement each other and give substance to the piece, stimulating the imagination and activating memories, suggesting the ring has been marked by time.

Length 0.2 cm
Width 1.4 cm

Photo: © ArtDesignCraft

Part of the Haïkus series, this ring was hammer forged and worked until cracks appeared. It was conceived as a tribute to the Wabi Sabi philosophy that prizes authenticity, accepts damage and sublimates imperfection. By playing with rough and irregular textures, as if the gold has been marked by time, Karl aims to stimulate the imagination and activate memories.

Length 0.22 cm
Width 1 cm

Photo: © ArtDesignCraft
Rivière d'été

This sake cup is part of a set of four pieces called The Four Seasons of Japan. For this collection, Karl rethought everyday Japanese vessels by carving imaginary landscapes on their inner part. Substituting the erotic images usually visible at the bottom of the cups, he preferred to transcribe the poetry of a romantic encounter.

Length 6 cm
Width 5 cm

Photo: © ArtDesignCraft
Souvenir d'un père

The design of this ring is inspired by nocturnal landscapes and starry skies. Karl dotted the deep blue lapis lazuli with bursts of pyrite and set it on a background of gold and steel. A piece of amber, intended to be visible in the sun only, is hidden in the centre of the ring.

Length 2.6 cm
Width 1.8 cm

Photo: © Nicolas Scordia

Sapphires, diamonds and lapis lazuli in shades of natural grey and deep blue intensify the delicate curves of this ring. Gold was welded onto silver in order to keep it from damage and deformation. For Karl, this ring symbolises protection.

Length 2.1 cm
Width 1.2 cm

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