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© Lana Matuša
© Lana Matuša
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© Lana Matuša

Svetlana Matuša

Svetlana Matuša Ceramicist
Icelandic, English, Serbian
By appointment only
+354 5515799
© Lana Matuša

Capturing the energy of the earth

  • • Lana is a ceramic artist and technology engineer
  • • She looks to nature for her forms
  • • Materials are fundamental to her work

Svetlana Matuša, known as Lana to her friends, finds her inspiration amid the mysterious landscape of Iceland. Wandering through this topography, forged by fire and ice, she reflects on the beautiful contrasts that can be found there, such as soft, delicate moss covering strong, hard stone. The stories of lava trolls fighting each other in this wild terrain echo in her ears. Her work is steeped in the culture and environment in which she now lives. Originally from Serbia, Lana has made this alien landscape not just her home but her muse. Using her skills as a scientist and an artist she has a unique understanding of materials, which enables her to create sensitive responses to the colours, textures and structures that surround her.

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  • © Lana Matuša
  • © Lana Matuša
  • © Lana Matuša
  • © Lana Matuša
Photo: © Lana Matuša
Icelandic Varða

Icelandic varða are traditional Icelandic sculptures made of stones stacked on top of one another, which can usually be found on the side of the road. This Icelandic custom is an omen for a safe onward journey and goes back to the Viking age. Lana built her own varða as a symbol of her path through Icelandic nature and life. Since her ceramic stones are held together by gravity only, the sculpture embodies balance and harmony.

Height 60 cm
Diameter 38 cm

Photo: © Lana Matuša
Mossy Mountain

This stoneware sculpture was hand shaped and hand decorated with a glaze of Lana’s own recipe. It was inspired by the magical Icelandic mountains well known for their stunningly beautiful waterfalls and deep colours which change with the weather and season.

Height 32 cm
Diameter 30 cm

Photo: © Lana Matuša
Trolls in Blue Lagoon

According to old legends, Icelandic landscapes are home to mythical creatures and even hide petrified trolls. Trolls in Blue Lagoon is Lana’s ceramic interpretation of these stories, where she depicts trolls enjoying a turquoise lagoon of milky silicate water. The sculpture was hand shaped and decorated with a glaze of Lana’s own recipe.

Height 18 cm
Diameter 21 cm

Photo: © Lana Matuša
Big Lava Moss Stone

Petrified lava rocks, dark and sharp, covered with green moss hundreds of years old, are characteristic of the Icelandic landscape. The unusual combination of textures and colours gives them a contrasting but well balanced appearance. Deeply inspired by this natural phenomenon, Lana handcrafted her own ceramic version of these lava moss stones.

Height 29 cm
Diameter 38 cm

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