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© JL Korus
© JL Korus
© G. Leimdorfer
© G. Leimdorfer
© JL Korus

Marik Korus

  • Porcelain maker
  • Saint Augustin, France
  • Master Artisan
Marik Korus Porcelain maker
© G. Leimdorfer

Addicted to porcelain

  • • Marik creates sculptures out of pure white porcelain
  • • She is constantly researching new ways to work with it
  • • She exhibited at the Révélations 2015 exhibition in Paris

Marik Korus (real name Marie Claude Korus) takes inspiration from nature, the sea, architecture and aspects of her environment that spark her imagination. She is constantly inspired by the nature in Charente-Maritime, France, where she has lived for more than 15 years. She trained as a teacher of artisanal crafts and it was during this training that she discovered ceramics. At first, she simply found clay an attractive medium, however she then realised that the material threw up constant questions, right up until the final firing. After investigating the raw qualities of clay, she now researches ways to increase the transparency and lightness of porcelain. She compares her love for porcelain to eating chocolate: “You can’t stop, as long as it’s still there!”

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  • © JL Korus
  • © JL Korus
  • © JL Korus
  • © JL Korus
  • © JL Korus
Photo: © JL Korus
Stlophora Noir

The central structure has been created using a slab construction technique. This ‘big pebble’ is then decorated with a set of small porcelain textured elements, assembled meticulously one by one, creating movement.

Length 34 cm
Depth 32 cm
Height 24 cm

Photo: © JL Korus

The central structure has been created using a slab construction technique. Porcelain strips are then added to this hollow central vessel. The coral-like texture is created by joining thin plates together one by one onto the surface of the central shape.

Length 33 cm
Depth 25.5 cm
Height 18.5 cm

Photo: © JL Korus
Frou Frou

The highly textured surface of this white porcelain sculpture is evocative of a seashell or coral. Differently shaped and textured porcelain elements bring variety to the design of this piece. Thin plates are joined one by one on to the surface of a central curved shape – a ‘big pebble’ – which was created using a slab construction technique.

Length 25.5 cm
Depth 23 cm
Height 18 cm

Photo: © JL Korus

This ‘big pebble’ has been decorated with small strips of textured clay worked on in an identical manner, but of different lengths and arranged side by side to create movement. The central structure was created using a slab construction technique.

Length 28.5 cm
Depth 23 cm
Height 19 cm

Photo: © JL Korus
Boule Fleurs

A central sphere is shaped by casting porcelain in a mould. This central vessel is then carefully decorated with cellulose-like elements coated with slip. The finished construction then undergoes two very high temperature firings.

Diameter 32 cm

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