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Dmitry Lavrov

Dmitry Lavrov Bookbinder
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The explorer of bookmaking

  • • Dmitry's books have been presented to international heads of state
  • • One of his creations was a 23m long handwritten scroll of Silmarilion
  • • He creates spherical book installations

Dmitry Lavrov is first and foremost a researcher – or as he puts it, an explorer. His explorer’s spirit initially brought him to biology, which he taught at St. Petersburg State University, but later led him to bookbinding. His books bring together different techniques, from repoussé and calligraphy to drawing and leather stamping. "It is a new approach to bookmaking, where the text, the visual concept of the cover and the crafts and technologies used in making it all become integral parts of a whole image that speaks volumes," Dmitry says. His books are not intended to be fine art objects; neither is he interested in blindly copying bookbinders of the past. What excites him is using the language of modern art to communicate a message and demonstrate contemporary methods of bookbinding.

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Arkady Strugatsky, Boris Strugatsky: Collected Works

This complete collection of works by Arkady Strugatsky and Boris Strugatsky has been hand bound in leather. The largest of the books has been decorated with an original copper bas relief portrait of the authors. Ten copies were made for this limited edition.

Length 36 cm
Height 48 cm
Width 10 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Russian Hunting

This gift edition of a book on Russian hunting was bound by hand in leather and fitted into a made-to-measure leather box. The leather has been embossed with the title and other wording. This gift edition was finished with gold velvet embroidery and a colourful painting on silk.

Length 30 cm
Height 41 cm
Width 5 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved

The front cover of this leather bound comic book on Ernesto 'Che' Guevara has been inlaid with bold red leather. The title has been sewn onto the leather in red thread which is attached to a real bullet from a Kalashnikov assault rifle 47.

Length 21 cm
Height 30 cm
Width 2 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Victor Pelevin: Generation P

This edition of Russian author Victor Pelevin’s third book, Generation P, has been hand bound using four types of leather, brass, wood and copper.

Length 14 cm
Height 21 cm
Width 9 cm

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