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Piotr Jędras

  • Kłosy
  • Knife maker
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Rising Star
Piotr Jędras Knife maker
Polish, English
Monday to Friday 09:00 - 18:00
+48 506075243
© Nozownik

At the sharp end of craftsmanship

  • • The name Kłosy comes from the village of Złotokłos where Piotr was born
  • • His first knife was a reconstruction of an excavated medieval knife
  • • He created a coworking workshop with other artisans in Warsaw

Piotr Jędras was a teenager when he came across a historical reconstruction association. In an attempt to recreate a medieval craft, he made his first knives. “They were all reconstructions of excavated knifes. I spent a lot of time on the research,” he says. He came back to knives at the end of his architectural studies, when he made a kitchen knife for a friend. It became a hobby, mostly as a form of a distraction from his everyday work in the architecture studio, but a year later he had to take time off from his day job to catch up with orders. “It happened by itself, involuntarily. And now we are a team of three and make 250 knives a year.” Used in the kitchens of the best chefs in Europe, Kłosy knives combine handmade design with functionality.

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  • © Karo Lewandowska
  • © Karo Lewandowska
  • © Karo Lewandowska
  • © Karo Lewandowska
  • © Karo Lewandowska
Photo: © Karo Lewandowska
Paring knives

Kłosy knives come in a wide range of materials and shapes, so customers can create a bespoke knife set. The blades of these paring knives were created from stainless tool steel, while the handles were fashioned from coloured maple burl stabilised to increase resistance.

Length 21 cm

Photo: © Karo Lewandowska
Kitchen knives set

This kitchen knives set is composed of a general purpose knife, a Japanese inspired flexible filleting blade called 'Nakiri', a cleaving knife and a small paring knife. Their blades were hand forged from tool steel, while the handles were made from strong exotic hardwood, giving them a comfortable and well balanced grip.

Length 30 cm
Length 36.5 cm

Photo: © Karo Lewandowska
Small knives set

A special type of steel was used for these two blades. Two different steel alloys were heat-welded together, then twisted and rolled to achieve a unique pattern. This welded steel is particularly hard and allows great cutting performance. These small knives are general purpose tools perfectly suited to dicing vegetables and fruits.

Length 10.5 cm
Length 16.5 cm

Photo: © Karo Lewandowska
Serrated bread knife

The handle of this serrated bread knife was fashioned from olive wood and carefully designed to suit the weight and length of the blade, which was hand forged from steel. Using his own unique wavy shape of serration teeth, Piotr created a long serrated blade designed to deal with thick bread crusts and sponge cake.

Length 42 cm

Photo: © Karo Lewandowska
Handle detail

Every handle of a knife forged in Piotr's workshop holds information about its year of production, its serial number, the type of steel used and the name of the craftsman who made the blade.


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