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© Jakub Gulyás

Simona Janišová

Simona Janišová Ceramicist
Slovak, English
Wednesday 11:00 - 17:30
+421 948042161
© Jakub Gulyás

The mystery of making

  • • Simona creates ceramic sculptures and houseware
  • • Her work is permeated with hidden meanings
  • • She hopes to collaborate with a porcelain manufacturer

Simona Janišová is driven by a thirst to explore, create and to work. She is drawn to the feeling that working with ceramic materials gives her. They are part of her life, allowing her to express herself and to communicate a wide range of ideas and inspirations. “I‘m fascinated by the power of clay to build an intimate relationship with the viewer,” she explains. Simona enjoys creating both functional and sculptural pieces. By creating objects for everyday life, she knows that they will be cherished by their owners. “Sometimes, it is me shaping the clay, other times the material is reshaping my personality and, through my artwork, I’m keeping an open dialogue with the outer world,” she reflects on her connexion with her principal material.

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  • ©Andrej Dúbravský
  • © Simona Janišová
  • © Jakub Hauskrecht
  • © Simona Janišová
Photo: ©Andrej Dúbravský
Agrofert Canister

This sculptural vessel is part of a small collection created in collaboration with painter Andrej Dúbravský. It was hand built and inspired by industrial vessels and canisters for herbicides. The surface of the object is painted by Andrej with motifs of insects and plants, which are paradoxically the victims of these chemicals.

Height 49

Photo: © Simona Janišová
Plaster mould for the Combat vessels

This plaster mould was created as part of Simona's doctoral project at The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. It was digitally made: designed with 3D software and CNC milled to plaster block. Approximately twelve different objects can emerge from this mould, depending on its adjustment.

Height 45

Photo: © Jakub Hauskrecht
The Dark Unicorn

This sculpture is part of the Black Land series, composed of functional and non-functional objects, created during Simona’s artist residency at Da Wang Culture Highland in Shenzhen. After years of distancing from traditional methods of production, Simona returned to basic ceramic techniques for this hand built collection.

Height 55

Photo: © Simona Janišová
Big Red Bowls

These porcelain vessels are part of the Insideout series. They were handcrafted as an effort to show the invisible worker that lies behind every creation. Simona describes it as an abstract portrait that may or may not reflect her inner self but that is a vessel waiting to be filled, just like the human body.

Diameter 39
Height 10 cm

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