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© All rights reserved
© Ivana & Saura Vignoli
© Ivana & Saura Vignoli
© Ivana & Saura Vignoli
© All rights reserved

Ivana & Saura Vignoli

Ivana & Saura Vignoli Ceramicist
Italian, English
Monday to Friday 10:00 - 19:00
+39 0546621076
© Marco Negri

Sisters working side by side

  • • Ivana and Saura Vignoli opened their workshop in 1976
  • • In 2016, they received the Maestro d'Arte e Mestiere (MAM) prize
  • • They are well known for their fish designs

One is the spokeswoman, the other stays silent. One is skilled in figurative art, the other admits to being less gifted, specialising in geometric patterns and fish designs instead, which is one of the features of their production. For the past 43 years, sisters Ivana and Saura Vignoli have together been one of the best-known creators of artistic ceramics in Italy, in particular of the majolica that is typical of Faenza, the town where they run their workshop. “By an irony of fate, we opened our workshop on 1 May, which is Labour Day. And since then, we have never stopped,” explains Saura, the younger of the Vignoli sisters.

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  • © Cesare Baccari
  • © Cesare Baccari
  • © Marco Negri
  • © Marco Negri
  • © Daniel Csadio
Photo: © Cesare Baccari
Palla di sardine

This fired earthenware vase is extensively decorated with an intricate blue fish pattern. The classically shaped vase was moulded on a potter’s wheel and baked using the blast-fire reduction technique.

Height 40 cm

Photo: © Cesare Baccari
Pesci Rossi

The interior of this earthenware vessel is decorated with small fish. The exterior is painted in colours ranging from purple and blue to orange, creating an almost rust-like effect, obtained through the blast-fire reduction technique.

Diameter 30 cm

Photo: © Marco Negri
Spirale Bizantina

This shallow terracotta plate is decorated with spiralling optical patterns which draw the eye to the centre of the plate. The pattern is created using blue, green and red powdered metal oxides.

Diameter 55 cm

Photo: © Marco Negri

This tall terracotta vase is decorated with a pattern reminiscent of the squares on the underside of church domes. The pattern was created using powdered metal oxides, and the vase was fired using the blast-fire reduction technique.

Height 32 cm

Photo: © Daniel Csadio

This earthenware vessel has been fired using the blast-fire reduction technique, which gives it its shimmering colours. The iridescent reflective interior contrasts with the fish patterns on the exterior of the vessel set against a sea-blue background.

Diameter 42 cm

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