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© Filip Dobias
© Ondrej Pomykal
© Ondrej Pomykal
© Ondrej Pomykal
© Ondrej Pomykal

Lukáš Houdek

Lukáš Houdek Glass sculptor
Czech, English
By appointment only
+420 775626205
© Yrka

Playing with glass

  • • Lukáš is from Nový Bor, a town famous for glass
  • • He regularly works with his older brother Filip
  • • His workshop is in HG Atelier Design, Filip's firm

The language of Lukáš Houdek is straightforward. He doesn't try to faze his audience with unfathomable meanings; everyone can understand the message, because it is relatable. Lukáš plays with well known pop culture symbols, placing them in unexpected contexts in order to raise a smile. "I like being playful; humour is present in a lot of my works," he says. Nevertheless, his ambition is not merely to have fun. "There must be an energy that enriches the customer's mind, a creative spirit with no fear of experimenting." His works have an intelligent core and are often inspired by people he admires: Duchamp, Malich, Le Corbusier. As a result, the straightforwardness he brings is sophisticated, full of humility, and never afraid to play.

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  • © Anna Pleslova
  • © Ondrej Pomykal
  • © Ondrej Pomykal
  • © Ondrej Pomykal
  • © Peter Fabo
Photo: © Anna Pleslova

The iconic design of Coca Cola bottles was reinterpreted in these elegant goblets. The noble material of crystal and the humorous shape complement each other and give substance to the piece; in effect Lukáš is using irony as a formal expression.

Height 6.5 cm
Height 6.5

Photo: © Ondrej Pomykal
Party! Waffle

These objects were handcrafted with crystal and amber glass. Each element was cast with a waffle iron and hand shaped, before the pieces were assembled to create the final object.

Height 34 cm
Width 28 cm
25 cm

Photo: © Ondrej Pomykal
Cube whiskey glass

Lukáš drew inspiration from architect Le Corbusier and the 'five points of architecture' to create the Cube whiskey glass. He focused in particular on flat surfaces and the use of pilotis as columns, which raise the form up to make it seem as though it is suspended in the air.

Height 10 cm
Width 9 cm

Photo: © Ondrej Pomykal
Drunken glasses

The stems of these glasses were handmade, shaped and cut. They were topped with beer bottle bodies. By placing ordinary, already used everyday articles on finely handcrafted elements, Lukáš conveys his own interpretation of the notion of 'ready made' formulated by Marcel Duchamp in 1917.

Height 6.5 cm
Height 6.5 cm

Photo: © Peter Fabo
Never Stop Playing Pop

This colourful radio was created by directing molten glass of various colours into a mould, where it solidified.

Height 25 cm
Width 40 cm
Depth 15 cm

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