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© Gabriel Urbánek
© Tomas Slavik
© Tomas Slavik
© Tomas Slavik

Klára Horáčková

  • Glass sculptor
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Master Artisan
Klára Horáčková Glass sculptor
Czech, English, Spanish
By appointment only
+420 604408185
© Tomas Slavik

Exploring the world through glass

  • • Klára has mastered kiln-forming techniques
  • • She creates delicate organic or geometric shapes
  • • She teaches glassmaking at AAAD in Prague

Klára Horáčková experimented with different techniques of glassworking to find her own methods within kiln-forming by fusing thin rods or glass shards. Her works evoke both natural liquid structures and inorganic clusters. Some seem almost otherworldly, resembling basalt surfaces or rock formations, while others have a cosmic appearance. When working with mirror glass Klára often takes inspiration from geometrical forms. She also creates large installations for interiors and public spaces. As an assistant professor at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (AAAD) in Prague she passes on her glassmaking skills to her students.

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  • © Jaroslav Kviz
  • © Anna Pleslova
  • © Gabriel Urbánek
  • © Anna Pleslová
Photo: © Jaroslav Kviz

The outer shell of Eggo was made using pâte-de-verre according to Klara’s personal technique, while its internal structure resembles a druse – a formation of crystals in a cavity. Its name is a contraction of the words 'egg' and 'ego' and refers to the inner mind of humans, hidden within the physical image of themselves.

Height 46 cm
Length 21 cm
Depth 35 cm

Photo: © Anna Pleslova
Junction Box

Junction Box was handcrafted with blue glass and mirrors formed into an eight-pointed star around a cube-shaped design. Its shape was inspired by the universality of the octagram, used in a large variety of cultures through time. The hollow interior space of the glass sculpture can be used as a small container.

Height 29 cm
Length 29 cm
Depth 29 cm

Photo: © Gabriel Urbánek
Evolution White

Evolution White is a sculptural vase from the Evolution series that Klára started in 2017. It was made using Klára’s personal technique of kiln-forming. Individual, separately made segments were formed into a distinctive shape, working with a contrast of geometric and natural principles. Its shape evokes the principle of growth and development.

Height 64 cm
Diameter 16 cm


These tall vases with irregular facets were crafted from fused and kiln-formed float glass using Klára’s personal technique. Their shapes were based on the structures of naturally fused sheet glass.

Height 32 cm
Length 15 cm
Depth 24 cm
Diameter 15 cm

Photo: © Anna Pleslová

Microcosmos was created using Klára’s own technique of kiln-forming glass. Its inner shape intends to evoke various natural structures like grasses, fur, organic and inorganic clusters and crystal caves.

Height 12 cm
Diameter 73 cm

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