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Françoise Hoffmann

Françoise Hoffmann Textile creator
French, English, Spanish
By appointment only
+33 622078475
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Taking the humble felt path

  • • Françoise first trained as a milliner in the 1990s
  • • She has helped bring recognition to felt as an artistic material
  • • She creates both viewable art and wearable designs

Felt artist and Maitre d’art Françoise Hoffmann delights in the creativity of her work as a designer of original textiles from hybrid felt fabrics. Her passion was ignited at a museum exhibit on traditional felt and wool – she describes the moment as an artistic encounter and a revelation. For her, these materials are connected to motherhood and femininity, and these themes, along with her environmentally respectful approach, have become strong elements of her work. “Something about the material reached me; felt is a humble medium, but I saw it could be a vehicle for my creativity,” she says. “There’s even a feeling of nomadism when working with felt, a connection between other countries and other eras.”

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  • © All rights reserved
  • © All rights reserved
Photo: © All rights reserved
Mode d'Emploi

This figurine, made from a hybrid felt of wool and silk with printed text, is emblematic of Françoise’s work. The original text, a user manual, is a humorous response to a question she is asked regularly: how do you do it? A limited series on this theme was exhibited at Julie Artisans Gallery in New York in 2009.

Length 160 cm
Width 140 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved

This sculptural coat, part of Françoise’s Art Wear collection, was freely inspired by Kurosawa's Kumonosu Jo (Castle of the Spider's Web), an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The Japanese calligraphy was created by calligrapher Naoya Miyake on silk, camel wool and Ouessant sheep wool.

Length 180 cm
Width 150 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Kowloon 16/19 no.2

For several years now, Françoise has been integrating photographic images into her Art Wear pieces. Kowloon is based on a series of photographs inspired by the city of Hong Kong, where Françoise lived during an exhibition at the Fashion Art Gallery at the Polytechnic Institute in 2016. Playing with shade and light, this felt piece reflects the nocturnal vibrations of the big city.

Length 60 cm
Width 160 cm

You cannot step into the same river twice

This textile dress was commissioned by Zhao Feng, curator of the Chinese National Silk Museum in Hangzhou. It is inspired by a quote by Greek philosopher Heraclitus, which gives it its title, and also by Françoise’s interest in Chinese prints. The work won first prize at the Qipao festival in Hangzhou in September 2018.

Length 160 cm
Width 60 cm

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