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© G Chevallier
© Françoise Bolli
© G Chevallier
© Françoise Bolli
© G Chevallier

Françoise Bolli

Françoise Bolli Glass sculptor
French, English, German
By appointment only
+41 792157009
© G Chevallier

Fascinated by the magic of glass

  • • According to Françoise, art and craft make us (more) human
  • • She considers glass the ultimate medium for celebrating light
  • • She works mainly for architectural spaces

“Glass is such a simple material, but it's difficult to work with because you need expertise," says Françoise Bolli. “Aside from its transparency, glass is above all a marvellous substance enabling a vast variety of treatments and aspects, from depth to surface.” Françoise came to glass through architecture, which she found frustrating because she could not build what she designed herself: she felt she needed to use her hands and body. “In my work, I wish to honour glass, which means not being unfaithful towards it. I try to play with it, while respecting its properties, such as its visual appearance (transparency and reflections) and its physical properties (transmitting light, colour, fragility, surface and depth).”

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  • © Yves Andre
  • © All rights reserved
  • © All rights reserved
  • © Yves Andre
Photo: © Yves Andre
Glow Bal SpFi

The glass is hot-shaped, cut, polished and engraved. Françoise wanted to experiment and create a dialogue with the glass while revealing its natural characteristics such as the optical specificities (conduction, transparency, reflection, transmission) and plastic behaviour (melting, viscosity, states of matter, colours, fragility) until its limits are expressed in a poetic manner.

Height 120 mm
Diameter 240 mm
Thickness 5 mm

Photo: © All rights reserved

In French, the pronunciation of the title of this pristine hot-shaped and polished glass plate is à point, which means ripe or ready. Françoise likes her glass to be immaculate, free of any marks that a mould could leave on the surface, and works with the furnace to avoid any misadventures of the kind.

Height 30 mm
Diameter 300 mm
Thickness 3 mm

Photo: © All rights reserved
In Situ

This piece was created to commemorate the bicentenary of independence of Troinex, a commune near Geneva. The constellations engraved on the glass represent those that were visible in the night sky of 20 May 1817. The piece is placed so that every 20 May, the sun shines through the glass, tracing a curve on the ground around a basalt slab inscribed with the 1817 decree.

Height 2300 mm
Length 2000 mm
Thickness 25 mm

Photo: © Yves Andre

Françoise has worked on the part of the glass that touches the mould, producing shadows in an apparent void and creating the illusion that the glass is suspended in the air. The title is a reference to Plato and his Allegory of the Cave, examining people’s perceptions of shadows.

Height 25 mm
Diameter 370 mm
Thickness 3 mm

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