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Martin J. Fiedler

Martin J. Fiedler Jewellery maker
By appointment only
+49 1728074849
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Monetary masterpieces

  • • For Martin, coins are more than a currency
  • • He initially worked as a precision engineer
  • • He has studied coin designs and motifs since childhood

Martin J. Fiedler learned to become highly accurate and precise when he completed his apprenticeship as a precision engineer. Getting lost in detail and creating pieces of art to the highest levels of perfection is his biggest talent. When he decided to combine this with his fascination for coins, the idea for his company Money Art Berlin was born. Since 1996 he has transformed gold and silver coins into precious cufflinks, chain pendants and money clips, a passion that has led to international success. For the last 20 years, Martin has continuously sought out the most beautiful and meaningful coins which with to work. Every single piece of his art is a unique handmade object.

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Indian Head

What’s particularly special about this money clip is that it’s produced using a real American gold coin and not a replica. The year of minting stamped on the coin reveals that it is nearly 100 years old. Not only is the value of the coin high thanks to its age, but it’s further increased by the work that has been put into creating this unique piece of art.

Diameter 2.7 cm
Thickness 0.2 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Monarch Butterfly

The delicate filigree cut-outs lend a certain degree of lightness and daintiness to this pendant. The symbolic imagery speaks of new awakenings and change.

Diameter 3.8 cm
Thickness 3.5 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Sol de Mayo

The 32 curved and straight rays of sunlight that radiate from the Inca Sun are worked into this piece using delicate cut-out work. The outer edge holds the sun image in a supportive frame, connecting with it at only a few points, giving it strength and enhancing its radiance.

Diameter 2.6 cm
Thickness 0.2 cm

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