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Enrique De Lucas Tortajada

Enrique De Lucas Tortajada Wood sculptor
By appointment only
+34 661530052
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From mud to 3D modelling

  • • Enrique likes to mix multiple materials and techniques
  • • The craftsmanship of Toledo, Spain, deeply inspires his work
  • • He recently specialised in 3D modelling

Enrique de Lucas Tortajada is a master of many fields, including wood and stone carving, who works in restoration, creation and design. His journey started many years ago when he was a child building nativity scenes with the mud he found next to his home. His creative passion led him to enroll in Toledo School of Arts at the age of 14. These days he is always seeking to develop his work, enriching it with knowledge from within his domain and outside of it. Over the past few years he has specialised in digital sculptures which integrate both contemporary 3D technology and traditional methods of production.

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  • © Pepe Castro
  • © Carlos Blank
  • © Carlos Blank
  • © Carlos Blank
Photo: © Pepe Castro

A ramp angled at 35° holds an elegant, stylised human figure poised in an almost impossible curve. On the brink of losing balance, the figure remains in position at an instant of geometric and mathematical collapse. The transparency of the figure enhances its stylised shapes, and the changing light creates an unlimited play of nuances and sensations.

Height 485 cm
Length 433 cm
Width 132 cm

Photo: © Carlos Blank
Contorsión II

This carving of a contortionist, mounted on a sphere, is characterised by the tension and movement generated by the almost impossible pose, on the verge of collapse. The polychrome wood emphasises the taut muscles of the figure.

Height 60 cm
Length 67 cm
Width 28 cm

Photo: © Carlos Blank

Mounted on a sphere, this carving of a contortionist is characterised by the way in which it suggests movement and the tension of the pose. The polychrome wood helps to emphasise the taut muscles of the figure.

Height 60 cm
Length 40 cm
Width 32 cm

Photo: © Carlos Blank

Captured in rhythmic and dynamic movement, symmetrically positioned, the figures were carved from a variety of maple, while polychrome pine was used for the support.

Height 24 cm
Length 22 cm
Width 18 cm

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