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© Laura Quesnelle
© Camille Berthaux
© Camille Berthaux
© Camille Berthaux

Guillaume Elise & Camille Berthaux

  • Atelier Elise & Berthaux
  • Lapidarist
  • Paris, France
  • Master Artisan
Guillaume Elise & Camille Berthaux Lapidarist
French, English
Monday to Friday 09:00 - 19:00
+33 698751519
© Guillaume Elise

Revitalising and modernising stone

  • • Camille previously trained as a stonemason
  • • Guillaume is a self-taught glyptic artist
  • • Their clients include jewellery makers, watchmakers and private customers

Atelier Elise & Berthaux is a lapidary workshop based in Paris, creating objects in hard stone marquetry for designers, jewellers and watchmakers. Driven by their common passion for stone, Guillaume Elise and Camille Berthaux set up the workshop in 2018, combining their expertise in sculpting, shaping and assembling stone marquetry. Over the last few years, they have created and restored numerous stone marquetry objects including pieces of jewellery, watch dials and boxes. At the moment there are very few people active in this craft, so it's important to these two artisans to perpetuate and modernise this now rare profession, which has such a long and valuable tradition.

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  • © Guillaume Elise
  • © Camille Berthaux
  • © Guillaume Elise
  • © Guillaume Elise
  • © Inustudio
Photo: © Guillaume Elise
Quartz Fumé ring

Smoky quartz and frosty citrine were used to create this elegant ring with pure lines. The simplicity of the ring's shapes reveals the cracks and imperfections in the stones and generates a naturally elegant piece of jewellery.

Length 3 cm
Width 4 cm

Photo: © Camille Berthaux
Cristal de Roche box

This box was inspired by fine 18th century snuffboxes, although its form and materials give it a contemporary feel. The marquetry work can be observed in its cover, which is composed of interlacing jasper and obsidian punctuated by squares of bright blue lapis lazuli.

Diameter 4.5 cm
Height 3.6 cm

Photo: © Guillaume Elise
Hexagone brooch

This brooch was made with a piece of lapis lazuli with a grainy, coarse appearance, far from what is usually looked for in this type of stone. However, it was elegantly paired with white granite, giving a striking effect.

Diameter 6.8 cm
Height 6.8 cm

Photo: © Guillaume Elise
Etoile Météorite brooch

This brooch was made with lapis lazuli, silver and chondrite, a stony meteorite containing small shiny mineral granules. These components were assembled to create a diamond marquetry effect set in a silver star, giving this unique piece of jewellery a cosmic theme.

Diameter 4 cm
Height 4.5 cm

Photo: © Inustudio
Planète box

This box is presented in the form of a monolithic block of granite which seems to contain 15 planets of malachite in a sky of lapis lazuli. The lid’s marquetry, by playing with perspectives and five shades of granite, creates an impression of depth.

Length 36 cm
Height 10.5 cm
Width 23

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