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Elie Hirsch

Elie Hirsch Metalworker
By appointment only
+33 662808736
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Jewellery with a unique history

  • • Elie initially studied ceramics before turning to metalwork
  • • He opened his first studio in a shed in his parents’ garden
  • • He now lives and works in Burgundy, eastern France

Elie Hirsch’s professional life began when he discovered a tiny shed hidden away at the end of his parent’s garden that he could use as his workshop. “I found a sense of freedom in that small confined space, the power to make anything I felt like doing,” he says. He had long searched for this freedom, and suddenly had to learn how to respond to the blank page, to the idea that he was free to create whatever he wanted. It was an exciting process, and over the next two years he set himself the task of creating two collections of jewellery. “I’ve always been very demanding. I wanted a perfect result,” he says. The collections were subsequently exhibited in Paris.

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Beauty Belt

This large patinated brass sculpture demonstrates Elie Hirsch’s desire to build a connection between jewellery and sculpture. Elie raised the metal sheet by hand using a variety of hammers and stakes. He draws his inspiration from the botanical world and natural geometry, in Japanese floral arrangement as much as in organic forms in architecture.

Height 35 cm
Length 28 cm
Width 28 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved

This patinated brass sculpture was raised by hand using a variety of hammers and stakes. Achieving the sensual shape from curved and intricately laced metal sheets represented a strong technical challenge for Elie.

Height 92 cm
Length 52 cm
Width 38 cm

Photo: © Babou Studio

This hand-raised brass sculpture of connected oval forms was shaped using a variety of hammers, following a mathematical design. The sculpture rests on a steel base. Elie draws his inspiration from the natural curves of the botanical world, enjoying the relationship between geometry, metal and space.

Height 87 cm
Length 67 cm
Width 22 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Low table

This limited-edition low table, viewed from above, is the result of a collaboration between Elie and glassworker Christophe Gaignon, for the Jean-Marc Lelouch gallery.

Height 87 cm
Length 67 cm
Width 22 cm

Photo: © Lise Ritter
The Monkey

This mask can be taken off the steel stand and worn like a helmet. It is one of a series of four, crafted from hand-hammered sheets of brass, and was Elie’s first attempt at achieving a figurative subject.

Height 52 cm
Length 25 cm
Width 23 cm

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