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©Emmanuelle Braun
©Emmanuelle Braun
©Emmanuelle Braun

Laura Demichelis

  • Atelier Demichelis
  • Metalworker
  • Toulouse, France
  • Rising Star
Laura Demichelis Metalworker
French, English
By appointment only
+33 650194078
©Emmanuelle Braun

The modern bronzesmith

  • • Her recipe for success is rigour and perseverance
  • • While travelling in Asia, she discovered ancient Vietnamese methods
  • • She uses traditional techniques to create innovative pieces

Laura Demichelis felt a deep attachment to bronze the first time she laid her hands on it. After graduating in bronze making from Ecole Boulle, a chance encounter with designer Van Der Streaten in Paris led her to work on contemporary handcrafted furniture in bronze. She knew at that point that this would become her calling. Her technique and skill were nurtured in the workshop, where she was surrounded by people who encouraged her to push boundaries and promoted excellence and perfection in the execution of a finished object. In 2016, she set up Atelier Demichelis in Toulouse, creating entirely handmade contemporary lighting and furniture in bronze.

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Applique Ellipse

The base of this applique lamp is made entirely from hand-bent varnished brass and topped with a powder pink linen lampshade. Laura drew inspiration for the piece from the movement of a ring when it falls on the ground, recreating the spinning motion with lightness and elegance. Both lamp and lampshade are cus-tomisable. The lamp can also come as a pair.

Height 70 cm
Length 33 cm
Width 20 cm

Grande Lampe Ellipse

The base of this table lamp is made entirely from hand-bent patinated brass and topped by a grey cotton lampshade. Laura drew inspiration for the design from the spinning motion of a ring when it falls on the ground before finally coming to rest. The lamp is available in three sizes and the lampshade is made to meas-ure.

Height 80 cm
Length 53 cm
Width 40 cm

Lampe Bourgeon (Budding Lamp)

This limited series table lamp is available in a number of different woods and finishes. The bronze buds attached to the wooden stem are formed by hand, each one unique. Laura drew inspiration for the design from the cannonball tree (Couroupita guianensis), which she discovered while travelling around Asia. A particularity of the tree is that the flowers and fruit grow directly from the trunk.

Height 71 cm
Diameter 40 cm

Paravent Sismologie (Seismology Screen)

Both sides of this unusual screen are decorated with marquetry created from copper and brass leaves patinated with varnish. The seemingly random cut-outs evoke marine cartography and jagged ocean coastlines. The screen is one of a series of eight, each one numbered and signed by Laura.

Height 185 cm
Width 150 cm


Rhino can serve as an end table or as a stool, and the top comes in a variety of materials. The form and texture of the piece was inspired by Albrecht Dürer’s engravings of rhinoceroses, with the bronze sides of the table evoking the ani-mal’s armoured and pockmarked skin. The table is one of a series of eight, each one numbered and signed by Laura.

Height 43.5 cm
Width 35 cm

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