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David Borras

  • El Solitario MC
  • Motorbike builder
  • Bergondo, Spain
  • Master Artisan
David Borras Motorbike builder
English, Spanish, French
By appointment only
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One of a kind

  • • David's motorbikes are made to stand time and obsessive use
  • • Nature, economics and adventure inspire him
  • • He considers himself a boring workaholic

David Borras, 'El Solitario', originally studied law “but only lasted six months on the workforce. Then I became a broker”. Seven years later, he came to the conclusion that he was making a good living but was unhappy. He decided to join his wife Val, a fashion and accessories designer, in creating things with his own hands. Now, from his garage in the heart of Galicia in northern Spain, David creates custom-made motorbikes which highlight each separate element of the bike, instead of hiding them. The result is a distinct and instantly recognisable style. El Solitario's bikes combine the pinnacle of motorcycle technology with features of classic design. Each motorbike is the product of the company's experience and, much like the unique nature of experiences, so each motorbike is unique too.

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Photo: © KT Fender
Winning Loser

Winning Loser was the first bike that El Solitario built from scratch for the first edition of the Metamorfosis Masiva garage builders contest in Spain. The only two rules to participate were: transform a Yamaha SR250, and spend less than €1,000 in parts. There was no time limit. With over 500 hours work, Winning Loser is a true example of a one-of-a-kind El Solitario motorcycle.

Photo: © KT Fender

Baula is the Spanish name of the leatherback turtle, the huge prehistoric sea creature that inspired the bike. It was commissioned by one of El Solitario’s friends, Jimmy. Years earlier, the pair had hidden, drunk, in the grass of a Costa Rican beach as leatherbacks dragged their bulky bodies up the sand to lay eggs. Squint and you can see the resemblance: stuck out in the breeze, the cylinders and heads are Baula’s flippers. This behemoth is marginally better on land than in water, though. Baula started life as a 1969 R75-5.

Photo: ©All rights reserved
El Solitario X Davida Helmet

This helmet results from one of the most exciting collaborations between Davida and El Solitario. Davida makes the highest quality luxury open face motorcycle helmets on the planet and they do this by hand in the city of Liverpool, England.

Photo: ©All rights reserved

Petardo, meaning firecracker in Spanish, is a special 1993 Ducati 900SS and constitutes one of El Solitario's most aggressive designs, an explosive hot rod of excessive proportions. His tenth bike, it reflects his vision at this stage: destroy the current trend that dictates a minimalist approach to electronics and other components in a custom motorcycle. In fact, he believes that hiding all the necessary equipment that makes a motorcycle fast is a cowardly, pointless job.

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