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Daniel Reynolds

Daniel Reynolds Ceramicist
English, French, Italian, Spanish
By appointment only
+44 7864936470
© Martin A. Gomez Reynolds

The alchemist of ceramics

  • • Daniel's inspirations include Jesus Soto and Marcel Duchamp
  • • He is influenced by Venezuela, where he was born
  • • He has exhibited at the Museum of Art and Design in New York

Daniel Reynolds always thought of himself as a sculptor, but by the time he left college, he had lost confidence in the idea of selling his abstract pieces and instead joined a furniture degree course. “One of my projects needed porcelain details and I made contact with Emmanuel Cooper in the ceramics department, who rekindled my love for the material and the methods employed in studio ceramics production.” Cooper helped him hone his skills in glazing and hand building, allowing him to develop his passion for abstract kinetic sculptures. A second influence was Michael O’Connor, an art teacher and passionate collector of 20th century ceramics, who opened Daniel's eyes to the American expressionists Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg and Robert Motherwell.

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  • © Daniel Reynolds Studio, London
  • © Daniel Reynolds Studio, London
  • © Daniel Reynolds Studio, London
  • © Daniel Reynolds Studio, London
  • © Daniel Reynolds Studio, London
Photo: © Daniel Reynolds Studio, London
Hugging Pots

Three large gourd-shaped vessels, one tall and two rounded, make up this small handcrafted stoneware set, to be placed on the floor. Two pots were decorated with a shiny glaze in sun yellow, and one with a tweed grey dolomite glaze. The three pieces are all signed and dated.

Height 66 cm
Diameter 46 cm
Height 54 cm
Diameter 50 cm
Height 55 cm
Diameter 50 cm

Photo: © Daniel Reynolds Studio, London
Grater Vase, Three-spouted Measuring Jug, Ball of String (Pabilo) Vase

These three vessels of Irish porcelain were cast in three distinct moulds: the tall vase in a 1920s English pewter grater; the measuring jug in a 1960s plastic jug; the round vase from a ball of string used for making Venezuelan hayacas (a kind of meat-filled dumpling wrapped in plantain leaves and tied with string). The ball of string was glazed inside and out to accentuate and highlight the texture. For the two taller vessels, the interior was coated in a shiny blue glaze while the exterior was left with the plain fired surface.

Height 19 cm
Diameter 9 cm
Height 7 cm
Diameter 9 cm
Height 6 cm
Diameter 7 cm

Photo: © Daniel Reynolds Studio, London
Black and White Chimney Pot, Yellow Wrap-around Vase, Turquoise Wrap-around Vase

These three hand-built stoneware vessels were decorated with incised and coloured panel decorations. All three are signed and dated.

Height 48 cm
Diameter 26 cm
Height 63 cm
Diameter 26 cm
Height 62 cm
Diameter 40 cm

Photo: © Daniel Reynolds Studio, London
Helice Sepia Glass Mobile

Daniel’s most recent ceramic exploration has been in kinetic works. Shapes of hand-crafted ceramics and hand-fused glass are suspended from a painted steel structure designed to rotate gently, propelled by the natural air current. The moving elements follow the soft geometric lines of the central steel structure. The mobile is signed and dated along the top rod.

Height 150 cm
Width 110 cm

Photo: © Daniel Reynolds Studio, London
Mini Sobre Mesa table

This small, partly glazed speckled buff stoneware tray was created to hold fruit, cheese, cakes or truffles. It could be brought to the dinner table at the end of a meal as a convivial gesture and a means of extending hospitality. The tray is signed and dated.

10 cm
33 cm
27 cm

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