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© Eris Curo
© Chiara Giovagnotti
© Chiara Giovagnotti
© Chiara Giovagnotti

Marta Cucchia

Marta Cucchia Weaver
Italian, English
Monday to Friday 08:30 - 12:30 / 15:00 - 18:00
+39 07540236
© Eris Curo

Passion for Perugian patterns

  • • Marta is the fourth generation of the family business
  • • Her museum-workshop is housed in a 13th-century convent
  • • Her fabrics recapture Medieval patterns and designs

In the Italian region of Umbria, handweaving has ancient roots. The famous Perugia tablecloths were much appreciated throughout Europe from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, and they appear frequently in the paintings of the best artists of the time: from Giotto to Simone Martini, from Ghirlandaio to Leonardo da Vinci. The Giuditta Brozzetti museum-workshop is one of the last ateliers where copies of these magnificent fabrics are still being produced entirely by hand on original hand-operated wooden looms of the 18th and 19th centuries. Marta Cucchia took over the business from her mother in 1995 (the manufacturer was founded in 1921 by her great-grandmother), continuing a feminine tradition that was started centuries ago by Benedictine nuns.

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  • © Elisa Brufani
  • © Eris Curo
  • © Michele Panduri
  • © Museo-Laboratorio Brozzetti
  • © Museo-Laboratorio Giuditta Brozzetti
Photo: © Elisa Brufani
Silk Grape Runner

This handwoven table runner was realised using medieval and renaissance decorative patterns, typical of the Umbrian textile tradition. The stylistic and chromatic matches give this piece its harmony, in a unique way.

Length 145 cm
Width 40 cm

Photo: © Eris Curo
Mirrored Grifo Runner

This handwoven table runner was adorned with mirrored Grifo. The central pattern is a 16th-century floral design, surrounded by a Grifo, a mythological animal (half eagle and half lion), which is the symbol of the city of Perugia.

Length 160 cm
Width 42 cm

Photo: © Michele Panduri
Damask Cushions

These handwoven cushions were adorned with decorative patterns inspired by the Umbrian textile tradition. Marta’s cushions are often realised according to a chromatic match for personalised commissions.

Length 40 cm
Width 40 cm

Photo: © Museo-Laboratorio Brozzetti
Silk Tapestry Mascherone

This handwoven tapestry was adorned with decorative geometric patterns which surround a central pattern inspired by a 15th-century Perugian tablecloth.

Length 145 cm
Width 45 cm

Photo: © Museo-Laboratorio Giuditta Brozzetti
Headboard San Pietro

This is a handwoven fabric for a headboard. The symbol of the city of Perugia, the Grifo, is matched with the San Pietro pattern, inspired by a wood carving in the 16th-century magnificent choir of the San Pietro church in Perugia.

Length 160 cm
Width 50 cm

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