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© Cecilia Moore
© Damien Maddock
© Cecilia Moore
© Cecilia Moore

Cecilia Moore

Cecilia Moore Metal sculptor
By appointment only
+353 863240230
© Cecilia Moore

Playing with metal

  • • Cecilia won the Golden Fleece Award in 2018
  • • She loves metal’s malleability and versatility
  • • Simplicity and irregularity in line inspire her

Cecilia Moore fell in love with metalworking at school, shirking academic classes to spend time in the metalwork room instead. “The metalwork teacher didn't know how to get rid of me, so he just carried on with his other classes, while I worked at the back of the room,” she says. Upon leaving school, she had “huge energy” to carry on metalworking, so she joined a course at Birmingham School of Jewellery, eventually specialising in creating holloware in silver. She continued her education in Paris and Dublin, developing the techniques she employs now, particularly raising and patination, which she uses to create playful metal sculptures, each imbued with an anthropomorphic quality.

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  • © Roland Paschhoff
  • © Cecilia Moore
  • © Cecilia Moore
  • © Cecilia Moore
  • © Cecilia Moore
Photo: © Roland Paschhoff
A Clangorous Life

The shape of these vessels was achieved by raising a flat disc of metal, heating and hammering it to produce a hollow, curved form. The surface is patinated and the base weighted for stability. Their delicacy belies the fabrication process, which is slow and noisy, hence the name, A Clangorous Life.

Length 20 cm
Width 20 cm
Height 20 cm

Photo: © Cecilia Moore
Wah Wah and Big Blue Wah Wah

The inspiration for these pieces was the sight of baby birds being fed by their parents, their open, clamouring beaks becoming the predominant part of their bodies. Each one is crafted from three raised sections soldered together. They can be moved into different positions thanks to their curved, weighted bases that provide an opportunity to play with their dynamics.

Length 14 cm
Width 12.5 cm
Height 12.5 cm
Length 16 cm
Width 16 cm
Height 16 cm

Photo: © Cecilia Moore

Cecilia is always looking out for interesting objects to inspire her creativity. This discarded mudguard from a child’s bicycle attracted her because of its beautiful teal colour, its simple yet elegant arc and its functionality. Cecilia redesigned the bracket to create a clip, allowing it to be attached to or removed from the sterling silver beaker.

Length 22 cm
Width 12 cm
Height 16 cm

Photo: © Cecilia Moore
Parlour Life

Since she was a child, Cecilia has been collecting intriguing objects, intending to make something out of them when the right idea should occur to her. The pieces featured here are two of a group of seven that bear a relation to childhood parlour games. All seven are raised bodies on the same low scale but with varied designs incorporating an eclectic selection of found items.

Length 12 cm
Width 12 cm
Height 7 cm

Photo: © Cecilia Moore
Balance in White

A sheet of copper can appear to be almost as soft and malleable as clay or fabric. This piece evolved slowly while Cecilia researched the design of Ottoman and medieval headdresses. The outer patination, applied in multiple layers, is delicately marbled to reflect the movement of the asymmetric form. The solid colour of the interior relates to the rich hues of headdress fabric.

Length 22 cm
Width 20 cm
Height 34 cm

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