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© Lupe de la Vallina
© All rights reserved
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Cecilio Castrillo

Cecilio Castrillo Leatherworker
Spanish, English
By appointment only
© Eccehomo Photo

The leather visionary

  • • Cecilio is nomadic, solitary and a perfectionist
  • • His work is highly sought after in the entertainment industry
  • • Sci-fi and horror movies are among his inspirations

Cecilio Castrillo’s craft embodies what one has in mind when thinking about who an artisan might be. He works on his own, totally immersed in his fantasy and his creations. He doesn't even have a fixed address; his work being his sole focus, it doesn't matter to him where he is based. His hands are his tools and his best ally to sculpt leather – no moulds are involved, just the painstaking shaping of the different hides he carefully selects. He sculpts masks and body pieces, letting creativity run free in a process that can be lengthy – it may take up to two months to complete a single work. Patience and dedication underpin his achievements. He aims for perfection, starting from an original idea right through to an immaculate finish for each of his creations. It is this mastery and ingenuity that has led him to be the master creator behind some of Lady Gaga's showstopping iconic fashion statements.

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  • © Mara Hernandez
  • © Cecilio Castrillo
  • © Angela Wynne
Photo: © Mara Hernandez
Poney Play

This handmade helmet was crafted from cow leather and metal and decorated with Swarovski crystals. Cecilio drew his inspiration from horse tack, such as the bit, the stainless-steel visor and the tail, a fusion that resulted in the strong visual aesthetics of this piece. The matching bodice was also fashioned by hand using leather and metal.

Height 40 cm
Circumference 20 cm
Circumference 25 cm

Photo: © Cecilio Castrillo
Skull Boots

The creation of these black leather boots required Cecilio to use several techniques including moulding and embossing. Cecilio drew his inspiration from organic forms when designing the boots, aiming to create sculptural footwear with shapes and volumes that differ from conventional shoes.

Photo: © Angela Wynne
Muse Gina

This hat was crafted by hand from cow leather and decorated with metal trimmings. Matching gloves were made from the same materials. The hat features removable hair pieces at the sides. Cecilio drew his inspiration from American filmmaker Tim Burton’s fantastic world, adding a dark Gothic aesthetic to the design.

Height 60 cm
Circumference 30 cm
Circumference 50 cm

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