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Casimir Reynders

Casimir Reynders Cabinetmaker
Dutch, English, French, German
By appointment only
© Jean Van Cleemput

Expressing himself through furniture

  • • Casimir likes to rethink the tradition and history of furniture
  • • He started designing furniture while studying as an industrial designer
  • • He thinks a well-made object will show the soul of the maker

Casimir Reynders was born in Koersel, Belgium, in 1966. He is widely known just by his trademark: Casimir. He studied industrial design at SHIVKV Genk, but soon realised that designing industrial products was not for him, because an industrial product is an accumulation of compromises and rarely the expression of a personal emotion or vision. He preferred to make things with his hands, combining theory and technique as well as creativity. In order to meet his high standards in the production of solid wood furniture, 25 years ago he founded CasimirAteliers. Today, the company no longer works exclusively on Casimir designs but also shares its expertise with other designers.

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  • © Jean Van Cleemput
  • © Jean Van Cleemput
  • © Jean Van Cleemput
  • © Kristof Vrancken
  • © Kristof Vrancken
Photo: © Jean Van Cleemput
Shell 1

The design of this piece is a play on dimensions and size. The semiotic image of a dish changes and confuses by its size. With a diameter greater than 1 metre, is it a monumental dish still a dish or does it become a table?

Diameter 120 cm
Diameter 30 cm

Photo: © Jean Van Cleemput

This hybrid piece of furniture combines a cabinet with a set of shelves. The closed side serves as a cabinet, while on the other side is a set of open shelves. Casimir plays with the similarity of forms, but also questions traditional functions and archetypal forms.

Length 120 cm
Width 42 cm
Height 180 cm

Photo: © Jean Van Cleemput
Trestle1 + Crate3

This hybrid piece of furniture combines two of Casimir’s creations, Schraag1 (Trestle1) and Kist3 (Crate3). Casimir reinterprets ordinary objects and archetypal designs and extends their use, combining two separate functions to create a modular storage space.

Photo: © Kristof Vrancken

Almost every bedroom has a chair by the bed for putting clothes on. Adding a drawer to the chair or a back to the bedside table produces a mutant. Neither chair nor bedside table, or is it both?

Length 44 cm
Width 40 cm
Height 80.5 cm

Photo: © Kristof Vrancken
Chest 2 (limited edition)

Chest 2 looks like a crate – a crate used worldwide for transporting furniture or other belongings. Here, it becomes a closet, with level drawers that can be used for storing items. The solid oak and elegant finishing transform the crate into a piece of furniture.

Length 180 cm
Width 50 cm
Height 120 cm

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