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© Edmond Byrne
© Beytan Erkman
© Edmond Byrne
© Edmond Byrne

Edmond Byrne

  • Glassblower
  • Aldershot, United Kingdom
  • Master Artisan
Edmond Byrne Glassblower
By appointment only
+44 7508891125
© Edmond Byrne

Colourful landscapes

  • • Edmond plays with colour and texture
  • • He combines tradition with contemporary ideas
  • • He won the 2018 RDS Irish Craft Bursary

Researching colour in glass, Edmond Byrne noticed an illusion. When nuanced hues were combined with tertiary colours, the hue would not be immediately apparent. Only gradually as the eye adjusts and compares is the hue revealed, bringing forth a subtle symphony of interactions and realisations to be discovered and contemplated. A call and response between mind and eye. In his work, Edmond searches for a sense of full and perfect resolution - a point of completeness. He is fascinated by the aura of the object and how we respond to it. His work demands time and patience but rewards by resonating on an emotional level. As a maker, his satisfaction comes both from the journey of creation and the final outcome.

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  • © Beytan Erkmen
  • © Beytan Erkmen
  • © Beytan Erkmen
  • © Beytan Erkmen
Photo: © Beytan Erkmen
Metameric Landscape 3

Metameric Landscape is composed of mould blown glass vessels with Kaolin Patina. They were arranged into a tableau landscape to create a juxtaposition of subtle textures and colours.

Length 80 cm
Height 30 cm
Width 40 cm

Photo: © Beytan Erkmen
Metameric Cylinder

The Metameric Cylinder glass vessel was mould blown with Kaolin Patina. It forms part of a series where each piece is blown into a unique mould made from various materials such as fabric, plaster, and clay. Upon creation, the moulds perish and are therefore for single use only.

Length 30 cm
Height 26 cm
Width 30 cm

Photo: © Beytan Erkmen
Metameric Cylinder small

This small glass vessel was mould blown and coloured with Kaolin Patina. Subtle hues were added to base colours to induce the Metameric phenomenon.

Depth 8 cm
Height 25 cm
Width 8 cm

Photo: © Beytan Erkmen
Metameric Stack

The Metameric Stack is a mould blown glass assemblage. Multiple pieces were stacked to create a totemic platter, crazing, striations and crackling effects the surface of the pieces to merge a variety of textures and colours.

Depth 30 cm
Height 65 cm
Width 30 cm

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