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© Jake Curtis
© Jake Curtis
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© Jake Curtis

Ane Christensen

  • Metalworker
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Master Artisan
Ane Christensen Metalworker
Danish, English
By appointment only
+44 7808298785
© All rights reserved

An artisan of contrasts

  • • Ane started metalworking in evening classes as a teenager
  • • From Denmark, she established her practice in London in 1999
  • • Her favourite technique is hand piercing

Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, Ane Christensen moved to London in 1993 and trained as a jewellery designer, before graduating in metalwork and silversmithing from the Royal College of Art. Her metal sculptures explore the subjects of illusion and balance, space and voids. She always starts with the simple shape of a bowl, then interrupts and deconstructs it by introducing areas of open, delicate structures and patterns, using techniques such as hand piercing, soldering, drilling and patination. She enjoys working in different materials, including silver, gold and stainless steel.

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  • © Jake Curtis
  • © Sussie Alberg
  • © Ane Christensen
  • Ane Christensen
Photo: © Jake Curtis
Cloud Bowls

Cloud Bowls combine solid hemispherical forms with an echo of the shape crafted from metal wire, like a three-dimensional line drawing in space. The bowls are part of Ane’s Rambling series, in which she explores geometrical shapes contrasting heavy, simple forms with airy, open structures.

Height 13 cm
Diameter 25 cm
Diameter 13 cm

Photo: © Sussie Alberg
Crumbling Bowl

The surface of this open bowl was partly drilled, disrupting the physical and visual balance of the original form, giving it a slight tilt. The patinated surface has a weathered aspect. In her Crumbling series, Ane explores and contrasts solid forms with areas of transparency.

Height 23 cm
Diameter 36 cm

Photo: © Ane Christensen
Negative Bowl

Crafted from a single sheet of silver, this bowl from Ane’s Negative series plays with optical illusions and explores the contrast between negative and positive forms.

Height 6 cm
Diameter 14 cm
Diameter 12 cm

Photo: Ane Christensen
Phantom Bowl

Shaped from a single sheet of brass, the bowl was then cut out, leaving a fine rim that draws the eye to the negative spaces and serves as a reminder of the original form.

Height 20 cm
Diameter 30 cm

Crumbling Bowls

The surface of these solid hemispheres was partly drilled, disrupting the physical and visual balance of the geometrical shapes and giving them a slight tilt. The bowls are part of Ane’s Crumbling series, in which she explores and contrasts solid forms with areas of transparency.

Height 7 cm
Diameter 10 cm

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