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Vicente Pons

  • Entrepreneur
  • Ambassador for Valencia, Spain
Vicente Pons Ambassador for Valencia, Spain
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Improving the quality of life through design

When we talk about design and craftsmanship, Vicente Pons and the company POINT are important names to mention. Pons, the sales manager of POINT, is committed to speaking up for artisans’ talent and excellence. He has promoted the Valencia World Design Capital 2022 and he is a member of the third generation of the family that turned a small wicker weaving workshop into one of the leading international brands of outdoor furniture. One of the characteristics of the company POINT is that it has a hand-crafted component that is still applied in the same way as it was in 1920. The company has been in business for more than a hundred years. Recently it has been awarded the 2019 National Design Award, one of the most important design awards in Spain, for its contribution to improving society and people’s quality of life. The story of POINT is a story of families, not just the Pons family, but all those who have worked with them for 100 years: craftsmen, designers, or salespeople.

What does craftsmanship mean to you?

It is know-how, enriched with talent and experience, but above all, with a loving attitude to things. At POINT it is part of the family’s DNA. Starting with our grandfather, then our father and then us, we’ve always worked with craftsmanship as the starting point for everything else. As children, we used to play in the workshop with the craftsmen and we made our own swords and wicker toys. Our industry was born out of craftsmanship and our family has always lived with it as if it were another member of the family.

How does it materialise in your work and your life?

Our grandfather was a great craftsman. So was our father. He instilled in us a love for craftsmanship and its importance. We have continued what he taught us, updating it, integrating design, and modernising certain processes. We decided to take craftsmanship to an industrial level. We saw that our products have spirit and something very much from us. Everything that is hand crafted has its own special stamp. It is fundamental to transmit these values to the products and to the world, to show what everything we can create with our own hands.

Do you work with artisans? How do you do it?

In our work at POINT, artisans are mainly involved in the process of weaving the pieces. For instance, each woven sofa involves forty hours of meticulous work. We use age-old techniques of our grandparents and of traditional craftsmen, but they have been updated in line with today’s needs to help the creator. The basis for our company is 100% hand-produced, but we have also embraced the best design and research. There’s an impressive mix of crafts in the Valencia region and a fantastic world of artisans that we’re trying to promote.



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