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Sylvie Adigard

  • Journalist
  • Ambassador for Lyon, France
Sylvie Adigard Ambassador for Lyon, France
©Govin Sorel

A voice for creatives

Sylvie Adigard is well known for her regular appearance on Télématin, the French morning show on France 2 where she specialises in lifestyle and the art of living. Sylvie is passionate about architecture, craft and design and enjoys telling the human stories of the creative people she meets and interviews. Her personal design style, reflected in her own apartment, is one of authenticity that mixes and matches pieces which hold a personal value. Sylvie is always looking to discover young and up-and-coming designers and craftspeople with a flair for creation.

What does craftsmanship signify for you?

Crafts are the roots of our creative and decorative society, especially in France. It is essential for creation and the economy. Being a craftsperson must be led by desire and not by obligation, as these professions require a lot of self-sacrifice, passion and commitment to excellence.

How does it feature in your work and life?

I am an observer of crafts. I tell the stories of craftspeople who with their bare hands create objects that will cross eras and time. I have been doing this for many years on the French morning show on France 2. I love more than anything to tell these human stories and to decipher the gestures of those who make.

Do you work with craftspeople and how?

I do not work directly with them but I tell their stories. I meet them through exhibitions, events and trips. I also watch social media a lot. If we decide to make a feature, I prepare my interviews by researching their journeys then I meet them face to face.

How would you define excellence?

Excellence for me is the complete commitment of craftspeople. It is also the incessant repetition of gestures ... learned, reviewed, corrected, and adapted to the times and to the needs of today. It is exceptional craftsmanship.



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