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©Boris Stroujko

Florence Reckinger

  • Gallerist
  • Ambassador for Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Florence Reckinger Ambassador for Luxembourg, Luxembourg
©Luce Monier

A life supporting the arts

Florence Reckinger Taddeï grew up in Arles and went on to live in Luxembourg for 25 years to pursue her career in law. Simultaneously, she initiated and supported many charitable and cultural projects in her adopted country as well as back in her birthplace, linked to her passion for the arts. Today, she dedicates her time entirely to supporting the arts, organising exhibitions and the publication of art related books. This year, she founded the Regala project and gallery in Arles, a programme of artist residencies and an exhibition space, as well as an edition of publications. The first book “A la merci du soleil” is dedicated to embroiderer Pascal Monteil. Florence is also President of Des Amis des Musées du Luxembourg et de Lët’z Arles and administrator for Musée d’art Contemporain du Luxembourg, le Mudam, for Prix Edward Steichen and for Fonds de Dotation des Rencontres d’Arles. She is a member of the board of directors of the Luxembourg Red Cross, and has helped to introduce them to many craftspeople she has met on her travels, as well as organising a charity auction at the annual Red Cross Ball which she chaired for 20 years.

What do craftsmanship and design signify for you?

As someone who is a hundred percent Mediterranean by birth and through my ancestry, my aesthetic education is steeped in the multiple cultures and craftsmanship of the southern regions. The architecture of the houses, the objects, materials and traditions of expertise will always be at the heart of my life. They form a nest, where I want to raise my family and spend time among friends.

How does it feature in your work and life?

I've been able to express my love of craftsmanship through my cultural and charitable activity, by bringing numerous objects back from my travels, connecting talented people, and by introducing my entourage to the work of craftspeople. My husband shares this passion. Together, we built a family home in Luxembourg, guided by the talented Lionel Jadot who introduced us to some wonderful artisans.

Do you work with craftspeople?

I'm constantly working with craftspeople to enhance our homes or to develop projects with their input, both in Arles and Luxemburg. My gallery in Arles, Galerie Regala, presented works by Christian Lacroix in the summer of 2019, including his first ceramics. In the summer of 2020, I showed the artist Pascal Monteil, who embroiders hemp cloth from the early 1800s with scenes inspired by literature, and by human, art and religious history.

How would you define excellence?

Excellence immediately makes one think of a person who has an exceptional command of a particular skill. I prefer the idea of balance – the perfect balance between a carefully honed gesture, an understanding of the chosen material, and the emotion that the artist, the artisan, communicates to the person who views their work.



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