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Mariella Avino

  • Entrepreneur
  • Ambassador for Amalfi Coast, Italy
Mariella Avino Ambassador for Amalfi Coast, Italy
©Palazzo Avino

Drawing on eclectic influences

Managing director and owner of Palazzo Avino, Mariella Avino transforms passions into business opportunities. Eclecticism is a marked feature of her work. Raised on the Amalfi coast, Mariella studied Business Administration at LUISS in Rome to specialise in Business Finance. In 2007 she moved to Milan where she worked in banking, travel and tourism. After earning a master's degree in Hospitality Administration at the Ecole Hôtelière in Lausanne in 2009 she returned to Ravello. In 2013, Mariella created the new identity of hotel Palazzo Sasso by changing the name to Palazzo Avino and redesigning the atmosphere and furnishings of rooms with her mother. Drawing on her personal passion for art and design, she created an engaging story with the interiors, full of soft pink nuances, and a lion as a logo. Mariella's interests range from cooking to wine, from art to fashion, and they all come together in Palazzo Avino. She organises exhibitions and initiatives that interpret the soul and spirit of the place, like at the Pink Closet: a boutique, treasure trove of styles and objects, with which Mariella was able to express her love for beauty in a concept store that did not exist on the Amalfi Coast until then.

What does craftsmanship signify for you?

It is the quintessential soul of tradition and culture. Craftsmanship is a bridge that connects the past and the future naturally: it embodies experience, knowledge, a respect for what has been and an excitement for what is to come.

How does it feature in your work and life?

At Palazzo Avino and at The Pink Closet I try to embrace craftsmanship in every step we take and in choices that we make. I want guests to deeply feel the connection with our tradition and culture and there is no better way to make it happen than through the work of exquisite craftspeople.

How do you work with craftspeople?

We have different ceramic projects going on throughout the season. We worked with a local steel artisan to create a beautiful dessert cart for our Michelin star Restaurant Rossellini’s. There are no limits to what we can create.

How would you define excellence?

Excellence is the art of perfection. Perfection as an intention, as a meaning and as a result. Excellence defines beauty and its million forms. It is the one objectives that we all aspire to and it is a great benchmark to aim for.



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